• Absolute crap,  F/M

    Faithful by Frankie Love

    Faithful is the tenth and last installment in a series called The Mountain Man’s Babies. And I’m way too jaded to appreciate this kind of over-the-top, mushy romance. Ergo, I read this book solely for amusement and, oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed! This is comedic gold, simply hilarious! It’s classified as a romance, but in reality it’s a comedy through and through. The story is set on a Mountain in the US, called Miracle Mountain by the inhabitants. On Miracle Mountain, women get pregnant with triplets (or more) practically by sneezing, men and women fall in desperate, consuming love simply by looking at each other, and all men are hung…

  • Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  F/M

    Depravity by Jacob Chance

    Depravity is the first book in a series called King University. It’s the highest quality of smut, albeit not quite as juicy as the title may suggest. It’s the story about 19 year old Sophie who accepts a babysitting job for the summer before she’s starting College. She doesn’t expect Miles Decker, the single father of her new charge, to be quite so sexy though. The sexual tension between Sophie and Miles is through the roof, and despite the age difference and despite Sophie being employed by Miles, they decide to give in to their mutual attraction. But they set an expiration date for their fling. When Sophie starts College,…

  • Entertaining,  M/M

    Game Changer by Rachel Reid

    Game Changer is a gay hockey romance. I was in the mood for some serious smut, and the M/M genre is the place to go for the kind of delicious indecency fans of the male anatomy can appreciate. However, what I found wasn’t quite what I was looking for. In Game Changer you get to follow Kip who is young, hot (of course) and gay (also of course), and Scott Hunter – star hockey player and very much closeted. The storyline is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Kip and Scott meet, are attracted to each other, start hooking up and fall in love. But there are all sort of…

  • 4-star,  5-star reads,  F/M

    The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

    The Hating Game is a Rom-Com through and through. And it’s an absolute gem. If you only choose to read one F/M feelgood lovestory this year, this should be it. It’s about Lucy Hutton – smart, outgoing, super-charming CEO assistant – who just can’t stand her colleague, the rude and brooding Josh Templeman. If only Josh wasn’t so freaking gorgeous. And smart. And witty. But those characteristics doesn’t stop Lucy from hating him with a vengence and each workday when she is trapped in the same office with Josh, they both try to one-up the other. Then, when a huge promotion comes up for grabs, the rivalry escalates even further.…

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  • 4-star,  Dark,  F/M

    Untouchable by Sam Mariano

    Untouchable is categorized as a dark romance. And no matter what you may think of it, it sure evokes plenty of feelings. Most of which aren’t of the fuzzy, warm variety. If I had to describe it with just a few words it would be disturbing, twisted and fascinating. But I get ahead of myself. The story is set in a small Texas town and the main characters are seniors at the local High School. Zoey Ellis is the epitome of a good girl; she follows the rules, has good grades and is involved in church activities. Then there’s Carter Mahoney, the star quarterback, the golden boy who can do…

  • 4-star,  M/M

    Unspoken Vow by Eden Finley

    Unspoken Vow is the highly anticipated second instalment of the Steele Brothers duet. The first one, Unwritten Law, was a comparably light story featuring Law – the first of the Steele brothers. In Unspoken Vow, we get to follow his twin Anders. And as readers of Law’s book knows, Anders’ story is much darker. Anders is fighting to overcome an experience in his past that has left him traumatized and unable to live the life he wants. He keeps himself apart and avoids everything that may trigger a panic attack, which among other things include built, sexy guys. But this one big, hunky lawyer – Brody Wallace – just wont…

  • Entertaining,  F/M

    Faking Ms Right by Claire Kingsley

    Right. So, I hadn’t intended on writing this review since I just did the prequel, but then I finished Faking Ms Right. And now, I just need to get my thoughts out there. Because, bottom line is, I’m disappointed. But first, the storyline. It’s about Everly Dalton – the queen of terrible first dates – and how she finally meets her Mr Right, even though she doesn’t recognize him at first. Everly’s job as an assistant to hardass billionaire Shepherd Calloway has her putting up with all sorts of things. But her boss asking her to be his fake girlfriend probably takes the cake. Everly has to move in with…

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  • Entertaining,  F/M

    Everly Dalton’s Dating Disasters by Claire Kingsley

    Everly Dalton’s Dating Disasters is a collection of six shorter stories describing Everly Dalton’s tremendous bad luck in dating. Each story, or episode, recounts one of Everly’s terrible first dates. The collection is written in the form of Everly re-telling her girlfriends about those epic fails in her search for Mr Right, and each date is in the running for worst date ever. This collection is great fun to read and there are many cringe-worthy and hilarious moments. It’s entertainment of the first order, and the bite-sized stories makes this an excellent choice to bring along if you want shorter reading breaks. I wasn’t aware of the format when I…

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  • Entertaining,  F/M

    Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean

    Wicked and the Wallflower is the first installment in the Bareknuckle Bastards series. It’s an historical romance of the noble-lady-meets-dangerous-scoundrel variety. And it’s surprisingly entertaining. I didn’t expect much when I started it, but the story pulled me in entirely. The writing is totally engaging and the world building is awesome. It’s the story about Lady Felicity Faircloth – spinster and wallflower, and an underworld kingpin known as Devil. Felicity has given up on ever finding a husband, which of course should be her only objective as a Lady according to her peers. But her knack for lock-picking and her general disregard of decorum has ruined her in the eyes…

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  • Entertaining,  F/M,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Only Ever You by C. D. Reiss

    This is a sugary sweet lovestory that will be available July 9. It’s about two childhood friends, Rachel and Sebastian, and their unconventional way to a happily ever after. As teenagers, they signed a contract promising to marry each other if they both were still single at 30. Then life happened, they were separated in college, lived in different cities and had relationships. More or less forgetting each other. Then one christmas, when they’re 30, they meet again. And they decide to honor the contract. I’m very conflicted about this read. It’s just so … sweet. Too sweet for me I realize. I love romance, but I very much prefer…