• 5-star reads,  Dark,  F/M

    Broken Knight by L.J. Shen

    I loved this book. And hated it a bit too. It was just so overwhelming. An emotional roller-coaster of epic proportions. All the feelings, all the time. Exhausting in the very best way. In other words, this is an awesome read! Broken Knight tells the story of Luna Rexroth and Knight Cole. They’re neighbours, best friends and have loved each other as long as they can remember. But even though they both also feel love of the romantic variety towards each other, the universe – and their own self-destructive tendencies – seem intent on keeping them apart. Luna is the good, shy girl. A selective mute since early childhood, she’s…

  • 5-star reads,  Entertaining,  M/M

    Sticking to the Script by Stella Weaver

    Sticking to the Script, by Stella Weaver, is a fabulous read. Fabulous. Marvelous. I might be slightly in love with it. Sticking to the Script is the second installment in the Cipher Office series. The series is a part of the Smartypants Romance collection, books within the same fictional universe that are written by different authors. It’s the story about Steven who’s had the worst luck in men. He’s all but given up on ever meeting the one and has decided to take a break from all things dick. Then there’s Ken who, in an concerted effort to become more social, puts himself out there and starts to pursue Steven…

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  • 4-star,  5-star reads,  F/M

    Wilder Love by Emery Rose

    This is a totally fabulous book! I loved it. I also cried a lot. And was completely overwhelmed with all of the feeliest feels that could be felt. Wilder Love is a story about second chances. Of growing up. Of forgiveness and of overcoming defeat and misfortune. It’s beautiful and sad and absolutely worth your time. It’s the story of Remy and Shane and spans over almost a decade. Remy is young, beautiful and damaged. Bent only on surviving until her 18th birthday when she can finally get away from her neglectful mother. Shane is the golden boy, a pro surfer with a brilliant career ahead of him. When Remy…

  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  Entertaining,  F/M

    Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 5, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

    This is an anthology with bite-sized erotic stories meant for women, set to be released in December this year. The stories are all very well written and there’s a vast array of erotic tastes represented. Which is perhaps the problem. I enjoyed less than half of the stories. And some of them I found even nasty. But I suppose that’s the trouble with trying to please everyone. In doing so, nobody gets what they want. I don’t consider my taste in erotica to be vanilla. But even so, there were several off-putting stories. From this collection, I’ve learned that I don’t like men wearing lingerie, I don’t find lesbian encounters…

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  • Absolute crap,  F/M

    Slashes in the Snow by M. Never

    This is poor, poor writing. And I’m sorely disappointed. I was convinced to read Slashes in the Snow by lots of amazing reviews and the fact that one of my favourite authors promoted this book. I absolutely see how authors promoting each others work benefits them, but this sucky read has most definitely affected how I view said author. Slashes in the Snow is about Ky and Kira. They’re technically step-siblings but live in entirely different worlds. Ky’s the badass biker with a gigantic chip on his shoulder and Kira is the supposedly spoilt little rich girl that needs his help. Kira is convinced that someone’s stalking her and she…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Suspense

    Moonlighter by Sarina Bowen

    Sarina Bowen’s newest release, Moonlighter, will be available October 22nd and is a true page-turner. Bowen always writes the very highest quality of witty romance, but with Moonlighter she’s introduced an element of suspense that took the reading experience to an even higher level. It’s simply awesome. It has it all. Romance. Delicious smut. Endearing characters. And humour. Because Moonlighter is hilarious. Moonlighter is a part of a new series, The Company, but also works as a segue from her Brooklyn Bruisers series, since the male main character is a BB hockey player. As all of her novels, Moonlighter can be read as a stand-alone, but it’ll be so much…