• M/M

    Sebastian’s Journal by Eden Elsworth

    This isn’t a new book by any means, but I was in the mood for a hurt/comfort-read and was recommended this one. It wasn’t what I had hoped for though. Not even close. Synopsis: Sebastian, a rich and selfish prick, crashes into a homeless man one day. The homeless man is a beautiful 19-year old who looks 16. His name is Nathan and Sebastian becomes obsessed. After Nathan is attacked and utterly broken, Sebastian brings him home to his appartment and “takes care” of him. Sex, sex, sex. Sugardaddy. Sex. Some commotion to get revenge on Nathan’s childhood molester. The end. To be fair I’ll start off by saying what…

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  • Dark

    Interrupt (A Collar For His Brat #5) by R.J. Moray

    Coming August 29 This is a bit of a tricky one for me to review. You see, the story is quite a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m also intrigued as all get out meaning I can’t stay away. So, tricky indeed. Synopsis: Interrupt is the 5th part of a serial featuring Ewan and Nate, a masochist and a sadist, who are trying to set the boundaries defining their relationship. So this is obviously anything but vanilla. Ewan has a hard time trusting anyone, let alone a Dom, because of past trauma. Nate on the other hand is terrified of pushing too far and hurting Ewan (more than…

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  • F/M,  M/M

    Kneel Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher

    This book was both more and less than I expected. I expected fun and playful, which is what the title, cover and blurb imply. That’s not what I got though. At all. I was prepared for a light-hearted, naughty read and not much else. And yes, I guess Kneel Mr. President could be called naughty. But it wasn’t even a smidge easy-going. Synopsis: When the President of the United states – James – is about to buckle under the pressure of his office, his wife Carlene decides that the best way to settle James is to bring their head of security into their bedroom. Kent, an ex SEAL and James’…

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  • 4-star,  M/M,  Sci-Fi

    Dark Edge of Honor (Doctrine Wars) by Alexandr Voinov and Rhi Etzweiler

    This is an enemies-to-lovers story in the truest sense of the trope. Two soldiers, fighting for opposite sides, falling for each other despite their beginning being based on betrayal and deceit. Dark Edge of Honor is awesome, but I’m also super conflicted about it. It’s such a typical guy’s book with all these elements that I should – and usually do – find mind-numbingly boring. And yet I didn’t. Granted, the two lovers both being men did help of course. Synopsis: Sergei is a young Coalition officer who’s been sent to assisst in the invasion of the planet of Cirokko. Honorful and conscientious, he follows The Doctrine in everything –…

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  • 5-star reads,  F/M

    Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

    Wow. So this was a ridiculously cute story. And it was amazing! The downside is of course its terrible influence on my diet. All the delicious baked goods described in this read gave me a serious sweet tooth. All I wanted to do while reading was to eat cupcakes – and also, open up my own cupcake-shop. Kiss My Cupcake is the very best if you’re looking for a cute, feel-good, rom-com. There’s absolutely nothing to gripe about – which makes writing a review pretty darn difficult. I can absolutely gush when the occasion calls for it, but it’s also kind of boring to read overly gush-y reviews. Therefore I’ll…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M,  Paranormal

    Stray (Fennys Den College #1) by Crystel Greene

    I read this the other day when I needed a quick fix of M/M, Alpha-Omega naughtiness. More specifically, Stray is a non-shifter, fake mate, alpha-omega, gay romance. And what’s even more, it’s in an mpreg universe even if that feature isn’t actually on-page. M/M shifter stories are absolutely one of my guilty pleasures, but I find that the non-shifter variety with just the Alpha-Omega dynamics works just as well. And boy, did Stray work well! Synopsis: At an all Were(wolf) College, Alphas and Omegas are – apparently very progressively – now allowed to attend the same classes. Aryn, an Alpha who needs a pretend mate, decides to approach an Omega…

  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  M/M

    Rocket Science (Love Logic #1) by K.M. Neuhold

    Just to be clear. Rocket Science is fluff. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially when said fluff is entirely honest and out about its own fluffiness. So, this was a 100% cute and feel-good story. I chose it as a comfort-read. I wanted sweet and simple, nerd+tattooed hunk, hot shenanigans and safe predictability. And Rocket Science hit the spot. Cute and sexy with a HEA. Synopsis: The super smart and super awkward Elijah moves across the country to start a PhD program. Incidentally, that places him in the same city as his best friend’s brother – Pax – who’s been Elijah’s secret crush for years. When Pax is tasked…

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  • M/M

    Breaking News (Prime Time #2) by Ella Frank

    This was not the sequel to Inside Affair that I expected. Breaking News‘ disparity to its prequel was in fact rather striking. Synopsis: This is writing describing Sean and Xander from Inside Affair. That’s it really. It all started out alright with the aftermath of the dramatic events that concluded Inside Affair (which was a horrible cliff-hanger, just FYI). It was just enough of angst and worry, combined with the fact that Xander and Sean, who just started getting serious, still weren’t out as a couple to their family and friends. The way Xander cared for Sean was cute and I thought it was a nice segue into them getting…

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  • 5-star reads,  M/M,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Hard Knox (Havenwood #3) by Riley Hart

    This is a bi-awakening read that will melt your heart and and warm your insides. In a good way. Up until previously I actually avoided books by Riley Hart. And now, I’m kicking myself over that fact. I mean, Hart’s books are always highly rated on vendor-sites and are recommended on all the book forums. But somehow, I had gotten it into my head that her stories were always sickly sweet, low-angst and without any drama. Which I equated to boring. I still don’t know if my preconceived idea of Hart’s books always being sweet, low-angst stories is true or not since Hard Knox was both of those things. But it…

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