• Absolute crap,  F/M

    Manfax (Winter Brothers #2) by Jacob Chance

    I’ve got to stop reading Jacob Chance. I’m lured in like a sucker by delicious cover pictures of abs. Every single time. Granted, I also found the premise for Manfax quite promising. Unfortunately though, none of my hopes for this read were realized. Synopsis: Roxanne runs a company named Manfax that specializes in investigating the romantic history of prospective dates/partners/lovers. After having four women requesting a Manfax for the same man – Adam Winter – during a short period of time, Roxanne gets curious. And when she discovers that Mr. Manfax is actually the brother of her best friend’s fiancé, she doesn’t know how to act. Adam is obviously a…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  M/M

    Wicked Lies Boys Tell by K. Webster

    This is a juicy combination of teenage angst and delicious smut. So I get why this book has gotten such great ratings. I truly do. It’s an engaging and emotional story. But I might just be a bit too old and a bit too jaded to appreciate all the drama. Or the excessive horniness of 18-year old boys. Simply put, Wicked Lies Boys Tell might be better suited for the young adult crowd. Synopsis: Penn and Copeland, Cope for short, have been best friends since they were kids. But at 16, Penn went and ruined it all by kissing Cope. Now, two years later, they’re enemies. But Penn hasn’t stopped…

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  • Cover Reveals Promos

    Roommate by Sarina Bowen

    COMING JANUARY 12, 2021 Wanted: One roommate to share a 3-bedroom house, split the rent, and ideally not be the guy I can’t stop thinking about.   I’m a man with too many secrets, so the last thing I need is a new roommate with a sexy smile and blue eyes that see right through me. Eight years ago, Roderick left town after high school. We’re not friends. I owe him nothing. But back then, I let one of my secrets slip, and he’s the only one who noticed. Part of me knows I should run far, far away. But the other part wants him to come upstairs and spend the…

  • M/M

    As You Wish (Shatterproof Bond #1) by Isobel Starling

    This was another one of those books where I can’t quite decide if the good outweighs the bad. Almost the entire read I thought it was the former but then the book just… ended. It wasn’t a cliff-hanger, that wasn’t it at all. It was more like the story never took off in the first place. Synopsis: Sam Aiken and Declan Ramsay have written to each other a year before they meet the first time. They’re to share the responsibility of being best men to the groom when Sam’s sister marries Declan’s brother. Declan knows Sam is gay, but he isn’t prepared to be attracted to him. Declan’s straight, that’s…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M

    A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #1 and #2) by Mary Calmes

    I can’t really say if I love or hate A Matter of Time or – as I like to call it – The adventures of Jory, a gay airhead. What is clear though, is that it’s as entertaining as it is irritating. Because the protagonist is just too stupid. Synopsis: This is the story about Jory Keyes, a young gay man who happens to witness a murder. And even though the murderer and his companions have sworn to kill Jory, Jory refuses to go into protective custody despite the police trying to convince him. Instead, Jory goes on with his life as nothing happened, partying with his friends almost every…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M

    Resisting Rein (Gilcrest University Guys #3) by M.E. Parker

    I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I devoured the first two books in the Gilcrest University Guys series. Those two gave me the worst book hangover, and I had almost given up hope that there would ever be a story for Cameron. This is a mix of the fake-boyfriend, first-time-gay and brother’s-best-friend tropes. It’s made even more delicious by a good helping of sexytimes. And I adored this book. I consumed it pretty much in one sitting and I’m praying the second (and final) part of Cam’s and Rein’s story will be available soon. Synopsis: Cameron – Cam – Ansley and Rein Davenport have an agreement. Namely, Cameron…

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  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  M/M

    Cold Hard Cash (Cold Hard Cash #1) by K.L. Hiers

    So here’s an interesting book. It’s rated at 4.4 on Amazon, 4.15 on Goodreads and a whopping 4.8 on Bookbub. And yet, this is terrible storytelling. Awful really. It’s labelled as a dark, mafia romance. It’s about a young bisexual man who – not so wisely – borrows a quarter of a million dollars from the mob to pay for a lawyer to get his wrongfully sentenced father out of jail. Then, when not being able to pay his debt, he offers himself up as payment to the gay, mafia kingpin – Boss Cold. Yes it’s an incredibly cheezy plot-line. But no matter the story, talented writers can pull that…

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  • 5-star reads,  M/M,  Suspense

    The Art of Murder series by Josh Lanyon

    So, I might have become slightly obsessed with Josh Lanyon’s mystery/suspense novels… I’ve been listening my way through the four installments of her The Art of Murder series and since the fifth one won’t be released until next year, I’ve continued on with The Adrien English Mysteries series. To say that I’m completely captivated is an understatement. The Art of Murder books are – so far – The Mermaid Murders, The Monet Murders, The Magician Murders and The Monuments Men Murders. The main character is Jason West, a Special Agent at the Arts Crime Team of the FBI. And despite the arts-y focus of his work, Jason keeps stumbling into…

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  • 4-star,  M/M

    Love Always, Wild by A.M. Johnson

    Release date: October 8th The first two chapters of Love Always, Wild slayed me. They were like a punch to the gut. I thought I was prepared, but apparently I wasn’t. Johnson’s stories are always emotional. Her writing always hurts. It’s raw and tragic and honest. In other words, brilliant but painful. Synopsis: This is the story about Wilder and Jaxon, their love, their separation and their fight for each other. The story starts with a prologue of Wilder and Jax in College. Wilder is out, Jax is not. But they’re in love. Then everything changes in the worst possible way. The story continues in present day, nine years later,…

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