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    Cover Reveals of the Busy Bean series book 1-3

    A spin-off from Sarina Bowen’s amazing True North series. Don’t miss out! SWEETHEART by Sarah Mayberry Release Date: March 1, 2021 On Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2JhMAAe   Blurb: I just wanted to get my hands on his beans Four years ago, I had a ridiculous crush on my sister’s boyfriend. But when they moved away together, I put Beck out of my mind and my heart. But now he’s back, and roasting the best coffee in Vermont. I need to convince him to supply the Busy Bean. And I need more of those kisses we accidentally shared outside the coffee shop. He still makes my heart race faster than a triple shot…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M,  Paranormal

    Precious by Roe Horvat

    Right. This one escalated quickly. But then, it’s porn, so maybe that’s why. It’s labelled as erotica, but tomato, tamaahto… Precious is, more specifically, M/M, omegaverse erotica which allows for some interesting modifications of such minor details as stamina, size and anatomy in general. This book is basically non-stop fucking. However, there is a thin thread of a storyline to bind all the fuck-sessions together. The story goes something like this; Travis, who’s an alpha, is spending some time at his family’s secluded cabin. He finds a young, unconscious man who’s suffering from hypothermia and he brings him home to his cabin. As it turns out, the young man –…

  • 4-star,  M/M,  Suspense

    The Mystery of Nevermore (Snow and Winter #1) by C.S. Poe

    I really enjoyed this mystery novel. Yes, it has obvious similarities to Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English series – which I love – but I won’t speculate in whether this is a rip-off or actually an ode to Lanyon’s writing. Though I’m leaning towards the latter since the book was dedicated to a Josh. Anyways. This is a super cosy mystery set in a snowy and Christmas-y New York. Well sure, there are a few murders, but strangely enough it’s still really charming and sweet. With some steamy hot shenanigans. Synopsis: Sebastian Snow is an antiques dealer with his own little shop. When he finds a rotting heart hidden beneath the…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Paranormal

    One Bite With A Vampire (A Hidden Species Novel) by Louisa Masters

    Release Date: January 14th One Bite With A Vampire is an M/M, supernatural, contemporary rom-com. And this story has all the humour and all the laughs. Just like I expected after the amazing and hilarious start of the series, Demons Do It Better. It’s totally inappropriate and probably juvenile, but who doesn’t laugh at jokes about balls? Seriously! Synopsis: This is the story about Noah, the (human) guy who got saved from the crazy scientists at the end of DDIB. And about Andrew the ancient – but still smoking hot – vampire. Noah’s been through a lot, suffers from PTSD and is terrified of loosing control or letting anybody close.…

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    Change of Course by Sierra Hill Cover Reveal!

    Check out the cover for the upcoming professor/student romance Change of Course! This book is the final book in the standalone companion Change of Hearts series. You can DOWNLOAD a FREE Sample of Change of Course right now through December 31st! This is a fun way to get introduced to Kyler and Lucas and the start of their love story. Get your FREE gift here: https://BookHip.com/PWRXHK Available for Preorder on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and B&N (Google Play coming soon): https://books2read.com/u/m2Mq17 Cover photo: CJC Photography Cover Design: Q Designs and Premades Model: Stephen Marks 0

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  • Absolute crap,  M/M,  Shifter

    Rome and Jules by Tara Lain

    Sooo. This story was an unusual one. At least for me. It’s an M/M shifter story, which isn’t the unusual part, but it’s actually a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. Meaning it’s an enemies-to-lovers, secret marriage, and rival families kind of story, all wrapped up in some … fur. Synopsis: This is the story of Rome and Jules, both sons to their respective pack’s Alphas. Rome is the golden boy, his father’s hope for a worthy heir. He’s also secretly gay, hiding that fact because of the bigotry of his pack. Jules, on the other hand is out. And about to be married off to an unsavory character in exchange…

  • DNF - Did not finish,  M/M,  Suspense

    The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon

    This is my first Josh Lanyon book I didn’t like, and didn’t finish. The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks is an old school murder mystery, but with the twist of two gay apartment neighbours acting as detectives. And it just didn’t work for me. It was just too much like a game of Clue. A bunch of weird characters, isolated in a spooky old house when people start dropping dead. It had a definite Professor Plum in the kitchen with the candlestick kind of vibe. Which felt, well, dated. It’s not something I’m interested in reading at least. There’s nothing wrong with the writing of course, it’s excellent, this story just…

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  • 5-star reads,  M/M,  Paranormal,  Suspense

    Mainly by Moonlight (Bedknobs and Broomsticks #1) by Josh Lanyon

    So, I’m on somewhat of a Josh Lanyon trip right now. Like in the sense that I’ve been bingeing her work, series by series. Because her stories are frankly addicting and I just adore them. What’s weird is that I’m never really enticed by the blurbs to her books, but I’ve learned by now that that doesn’t matter. Because so far I’ve loved everything I’ve read. Anyway. Mainly by Moonlight. Cosmo Saville is a witch. He’s also about to get married to a non witch who’s completely unaware of the existence of magic. But when Cosmo happens to stumble upon a dead body, he becomes the prime suspect of murder.…

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  • 4-star,  F/M,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    The Knight Before Christmas by Sierra Hill

    Release date: December 8th The Knight Before Christmas is a super sweet novella for everyone who loves Christmas. Or maybe for those who just needs a little help getting into the holiday mood. This short story is all about the feel-goods and the magic of Christmas and has a very pronounced fairy-tale vibe. It’s the story about Ivy, recently divorced and disillusioned, and Anders who has let grief rule his life for years. When Ivy’s car breaks down on Christmas eve, on a snowy mountain, Anders is the one that helps her out. But in the end, they help each other. So, yes. This is sappy. And excessively sugary. Which…