Entertaining,  F/M

A Very French Affair by Sue Roberts

This is a story about rekindling an old flame, about second chances and how life doesn’t always go to plan but still may end up pretty darn good.

It’s about Olivia (Liv), almost 40, a single mother with a thriving cake-baking business. When her 20-year old son starts asking questions about his father, Liv decides to track him down. But she doesn’t really have much to go on. She’d met André when she was only eighteen, during a summer vacation in France. She had thought he was the love of her life, but instead circumstances led to her raising their son on her own.

The story is mostly set on the French riviera and the entire book breathes sun, sand and umbrella cocktails. It’s all about quaint little towns, colorful markets and delicious pastries and cakes.

You get to follow Liv when she returns to Antibes, where she met André all those years ago and where her aunt runs a small bakery shop. In between helping out her aunt and enjoying the french cuisine Liv searches for André with only his name and former place of employment to go on. When she finally find him, the chemistry between them is still there. But how will André react to learning he has a son?

A Very French Affair is the perfect summer holiday read. It’s sweet, light and entertaining. If you’ve never been to the Riviera, the colorful descriptions in this book will make you want to visit. And if you’ve already been, you’ll get all nostalgic wishing you could go back again. I know I do.

And since it will become available in the beginning of July, it’ll be the perfect beach companion.


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