About the blog

I’ve always read a lot. And for the last fifteen years or so, I’ve mainly read English novels. There are a few reasons for that, the two main ones being that there aren’t nearly enough Swedish novels published within my preferred genres, and also, English-to-Swedish translations suck balls.

I read for pure entertainment and enjoyment. Reading is my retreat and my escape. So it’s romance, smut and erotica all the way. And only stories with happily ever afters. But it’s a bit tricky finding someone to discuss the really juicy novels with irl, and I have so many opinions! Hence, the blog.

Also, one thing that annoys me like hell is the very skewed and misleading rating system many book-sites use. I’m always looking to find new reads, and I do indeed rely on those rating systems. But unfortunately, often even really shitty stuff get excellent ratings. So another purpose with this blog is to give credit where it’s due and warn people off the crap. I won’t be mean on purpose, but I am totally honest and will definitely express my dismay over shitty literature if it gets phenomenal ratings online. I’m very stingy with calling a book a five-star read. A novel has to really blow me away for that to happen. But just because I won’t label something as a five-star on my blog doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t love it. Even some of my favourite books don’t qualify for those five stars.

Another thing is that since I’m Swedish and European, what I write in my reviews is actually what I mean. I don’t use the (to me very weird) inflation of praise which seem to be the American norm. “Amazing”, actually means amazing and not “pretty good”. If I think something is “great”, I mean great and not just passable.

And finally. English is my second language. I don’t claim to be entirely fluent and English grammar is something I play by ear. I know that I mix British and American English and I don’t even care. So there. You have been warned.