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Bell, Book and Scandal (Bedknobs and Broomsticks #3) by Josh Lanyon

I love, love, love this series! As soon as the pre-ordered e-book appeared on my Kindle, I immediately gave up what I was doing and dove into this entirely wonderful, witchy world. It’s delightful and quirky in the best way possible.

Cosmo and John have that infuriating dynamic going that is so addictive. At least the way Lanyon portrays it. I honestly don’t understand why I find it so fascinating really, but I do. The story is exclusively told from Cosmo’s point of view, while John is the one that holds most of the power in their relationship.

This imbalance between them was there from the first book, but the reason behind it has shifted. From being caused by Cosmo’s attempts at suppressing his abilities in order to fit into the role of the Police Commissioner’s husband, to making amends to John for lying to him.

It’s provoking as heck, but completely captivating to follow Cosmo’s efforts to combine his eccentric life with that of the conservative and rigid John. So, I pretty much hate and love John in equal measure. He loves Cosmo and really tries to be more open-minded, but he’s so stiff and set in his ways. And he struggles with accepting Cosmo’s witchy powers. And the fact that he keeps playing detective.

Yes, there is a plot in this book. Extortion of high-profile citizens and a suicide that could end John’s career. Then there’s the long-term plot with the SPMMR and the power struggle within the magical community. But really, I read this series for John and Cosmo. They’re the big draw and the details of the storyline is amusing, sure, but not particularly important – to me at least.

One aspect of the story that I’m struggling with, however, are the many weird character names. I keep getting them mixed up which doesn’t help at all considering the long-term plot is also pretty convoluted.

I do think that Bell, Book and Scandal was way too short. But then, I think all awesome reads are too short, so there’s that.

Anyway, this is a fabulous book, a fabulous series and I can’t recommend it enough. Although, the next book won’t be released until next winter (!!!!!) which makes me want to cry…


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