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Boyfriend (Moo U #0) by Sarina Bowen

Release date: October 12th

This was exactly the kind of fuzzy, feel-good story I needed. It’s been a while since I read college romance, but right now I can’t think of a reason why. Because this story was adorable and I loved it.

Synopsis: Abbi is a full-time student while working as a server at the Biscuit. Weston is a hockey-star, Biscuit regular, and heart-throb of the Moo U campus. When Abbi realize that it’s Weston who’s posted the flyer offering himself up as a Thanksgiving date / fake boyfriend for a night, she can’t help herself. Of course she hires him to come along to her step-dad’s Thanksgiving dinner. She knows he’s a genuinely nice guy, if somewhat of a player. And so what if she’s had a crush on him for a good long while? It’s just a dinner. Right?

Boyfriend is a combination of the fake-boyfriend trope and the friends-to-lovers one. And the end result is delicious. I adore fake boyfriends, but what got me with this particular story is actually the beautifully depicted friendship that evolves between Abbi and Weston. It felt entirely organic. Sure, the attraction was there between them from the start, but it wasn’t overdone and it didn’t overshadow the friendship and genuine affection between the pair. Which – much to my surprise – meant I wasn’t just impatiently waiting for them to finally get it on, instead I enjoyed the heck out of Abbi and Weston’s road to getting there. And that’s a huge compliment since I’m usually a very impatient reader.

This is definitely a low-angst read, despite some pretty heavy topics (including the death of a parent – not on-page). And, as usual, I’m awed by the compassionate way Bowen writes about such things. She doesn’t shy away from difficult stuff, but she balances it just right with the rest of the story, without unnecessary wallowing and still without downplaying the heavy. Not many authors can pull off such a perfect balancing act.

I need to comment on one thing though, and that’s probably the most common objection I have when it comes to College romances. It’s about the maturity and eloquence of the main characters. Or mostly, the maturity and eloquence of Weston. College aged guys just don’t act or speak like that. Buuut. It’s still perfect for the story. And since it is romance and not a documentary, I’ll allow it. 😉

So, yes. I highly recommend this book. It’s low angst, medium heat, and all the heart-warming feels you could ever want. 5 stars.

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by Heart Eyes Press *


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