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  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  M/M

    Sensation Fantasies 3 by Kimberly Knight

    Sensation Fantasies 3 is the newest release in a supposedly hot and steamy series by Kimberly Knight. I write ‘supposedly’ because this was probably the least steam I’ve encountered in a book that claims to be all about the sexytimes. Don’t get me wrong, there were nudy scenes. There were different constellations of body parts connecting with other body parts. But it was all so technical, without feeling. So, a great big dud really. There are three books in the series and the same blurb is used for all three (I suppose that should have been a warning sign). It goes on about a highly exclusive and secret sex club,…

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  • Absolute crap,  F/M

    Faithful by Frankie Love

    Faithful is the tenth and last installment in a series called The Mountain Man’s Babies. And I’m way too jaded to appreciate this kind of over-the-top, mushy romance. Ergo, I read this book solely for amusement and, oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed! This is comedic gold, simply hilarious! It’s classified as a romance, but in reality it’s a comedy through and through. The story is set on a Mountain in the US, called Miracle Mountain by the inhabitants. On Miracle Mountain, women get pregnant with triplets (or more) practically by sneezing, men and women fall in desperate, consuming love simply by looking at each other, and all men are hung…

  • Absolute crap,  DNF - Did not finish,  F/M

    Tell me goodnight by Kelsey Kingsley

    This is a shitshow. There’s truly no other word for it. The blurb paints a picture of a grieving, single father to three little girls, who gets a second chance at love when he meets the aspiring author Tess. The father – Jon – is a talented pianist but struggles to make ends meet and Tess who sorely needs inspiration agrees to babysit Jon’s daughters in an attempt to get out of her literary rut. It sounds quite lovely with the potential of some really angsty moments. A tortured artist’s soul and all that. It starts with Jon’s recollection of a typical night with his wife. And then it all…

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  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  M/M

    Havoc by Kindle Alexander

    Havoc is the first book in the Tattoos and Ties Duet. It’s an M/M story about the rich, well-groomed attorney and the sexy AF tattooed biker and how they, against all odds, fall for each other. It’s sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? There is so much potential to this story. The biker – Keyes – a member of a motorcycle club and not always on the right side of the law meets Alec who happens to work for a District Attorney set on taking the motorcycle club down. And the attraction between Keyes and Alec can’t be denied even if both of them know that their respective worlds can never…

  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  F/M

    The After series by Anna Todd

    Here is another review of a series. The After series consists of 5 books (#1 After, #2 After we collided, #3 After we fell, #4 After ever happy, #5 Before), but I’ve actually only read two and a half because I couldn’t go on. It was simply too painful and I quit in the middle of After we fell. The heroeine of the series is a girl named Tessa. And it really is fitting calling her a girl even though age-wise she is theoretically a young woman going off to college. However, her level of maturity makes the girl-label way more appropriate. So, Tessa – the epitopme of a good…

  • Absolute crap,  Crappy smut,  F/M

    The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James

    So, let’s start with this little old nugget of overrated crap. The storyline is this: Young, innocent and beautiful girl (Ana) is lured into being the sextoy of an extremely wealthy, successful and emotionally stunted businessman (Christian). They indulge in countless BDSM inspired sexytimes, all of which is controlled and initiated by Christian. Although Ana actually gets to come (mostly), these encounters aren’t erotic. Christian being incapable of actual feelings is merely using Ana as a jerk-off doll. As the story unfurls, Ana transforms from being an akward, teenage virgin to a well-groomed career(-ish) woman with a great wardrobe. Ana is portrayed as falling for Christian though it’s quite impossible…

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