• 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance

    Sure Shot by Sarina Bowen

    Coming May 12 I tried to hold off a bit, reading Sure Shot. Because I know that once I start one of Bowen’s books, I usually can’t put it down until I’ve finished it. And yes, that’s pretty much what happened. So, as per usual, I started out carefully trying to savor every word, but soon I was racing through to the end feeling a whole lot of feels and nursing a book hangover. Sure Shot is the latest installment in the Brooklyn Bruisers series. That’s hockey-themed romance of the very best kind. This series takes place in the kind of book universe where there are the same recurring characters…

  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Paranormal,  Romance

    The Prince and the Omega by Penelope Peters

    This is a sweet little story in a non-shifter, alpha-omega, mpreg universe. It’s a freebie I received in return for an honest review. From the title, you can tell there’s royalty and, what’s even more, there are castles and arranged marriages too. So it’s basically an M/M fairytale for adults. It’s about the Omega Rowan and prince Gaspar (Gus for short) who meet at a royal ball and promptly fall into bed. Rowan doesn’t know that Gus is the prince who’s about to become engaged to his best friend. But neither Gus nor Rowan expected there to be more than physical attraction. Or a very tangible reminder of their night…

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    Freebie smut by Kendall Ryan and Kiki Burrell

    Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan I can’t decide if this is the epitome of romance novel silliness or if it’s actually the ultimate romance. Either way, it’s pretty juicy. And chock-full of clichés, to the point where I was practically rolling my eyes (even though that makes reading quite difficult). The juicy-ness however makes it worth it. Maybe. This is a story about Emma the librarian who – on the side – starts working as an escort for the company owned by a guy she’s been stalking and fantasizing about for a year. Gavin, Emma’s new boss and stalking-victim, owns this high-end escort-company together with his two brothers. And…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance

    The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde

    The Wright Brother by K.A. Linde isn’t really new but it’s a great romance with just the right amount of drama to keep you thoroughly entertained to the very end. I enjoyed it immensely. Maybe not because it’s an award-winning book (it isn’t) or that it stands out that much from other romance novels (it doesn’t), but because Linde manages to blend and balance all those necessary components of a great romance with absolute perfection. The story-line combines several classic tropes in a delicious mix. It’s about PhD-student Emery that, after discovering her boyfriend is a cheating douchebag, up-ends her life and moves back to her old hometown. Swearing off…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Romance,  Sci-Fi

    That Alien Feeling by Alessandra Hazard

    That Alien Feeling is a bit of a whimsical story. Whimsical but at the same time tremendously endearing and thoroughly entertaining. I also became – very unexpectedly I might add – quite emotional when the forces working against the two MCs just wouldn’t let up. And yes, there were a few tears. The main character of the book is a young guy named Harry. Harry is utterly blind to social cues, lacking all fashion sense, naive to a fault and working in a coffee shop in London. Also, he’s an alien prince from the planet of Calluvia. Which certainly explains a lot of his weird behaviour. Anyway. Harry was sent…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter

    A Pizza My Heart isn’t a new release, but it is an absolutely fabulous, feel-good romance. And what better way of supporting a great author than to spread the word? This is more or less the perfect rom-com. It has all the feels, it’s sexy, it’s funny and left me perfectly satisfied. The main characters, Wren and Foster, grew up together. When Foster left town, Wren was devastated to loose him. Now, four years later, he’s back after an ugly divorce and he’s determined to make Wren see him as more than a friend. By any means possible. Even if he has to make her agree to fake date him…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  M/M

    The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

    The Spiral Down isn’t new by any means, but it was recommended to me and it definitely deserves a review. So here we are. Full disclosure though, I didn’t actually read this one, I listened to the audiobook. Also, I was delirious with fever parts of it, so that may have affected my perception of the story. The Spiral Down is a very, very sweet M/M romance well worth reading/listening to. It’s an altogether feel-good story of two damaged men learning to trust and love again. It also has that super important component of humor which lifts it from severely angst-y to fun, sweet and entertaining but with severe undertones.…

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  • Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance

    Grim, by M.K. Eidem

    Grim is a paranormal romance involving aliens. Really big ones with muscles all over the place and, you know, big… bodyparts. It’s a lovestory between a human woman and a super intimidating alien, Grim – who of course is a big teddy bear at heart – in a kind of X-rated fairytale. It’s about Lisa, a widowed mother of two, who gets abducted by aliens since the alien people – the Tornians – are on the verge of extinction due to lack of females. So yeah, human women are kidnapped to be used as breeding stock. Luckily, the Tornians are not only genetically compatible with humans, but they’re also very…

  • Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance

    British Bedmate by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

    British Bedmate is quite a sweet story. A sweet story with a dirty talker for a main male character. It’s about Bridget – a single mother and a two-year widow – and Simon, a seriously drool-worthy, British doctor who doesn’t plan on being tied down. Ever. When Bridget decides to rent out a room in her house to a friend of a friend, she had no idea it was to the hot doctor who removed a fishing hook from her ass a few months ago. And not only does the close proximity to all that cocky manliness at her house make her all hot and bothered, Simon’s also started working…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Shifter

    Changed – Mated to the Alien Alpha by Robin Moray

    It appears that I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. I could never in a million years have imagined the immensity of available smutty paranormal subgenres if it wasn’t for my seemingly innocent gateway drug: M/M shifter romance. But now I’ve found a veritable mother lode of pornographic, and often unintentionally funny, novels within the “fucked by a huge alien”-genre. Technically, I think it’s classified as paranormal romance – alien-style – but the fucked category is way more appropriate. And self explanatory. Changed, with the subtitle Mated to the Alien Alpha, by Robin Moray is actually a great story. The Avatar-factor is high though, with some minor differences. First, it’s M/M.…

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