• 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Romance

    Rocket Science (Love Logic #1) by K.M. Neuhold

    Just to be clear. Rocket Science is fluff. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially when said fluff is entirely honest and out about its own fluffiness. So, this was a 100% cute and feel-good story. I chose it as a comfort-read. I wanted sweet and simple, nerd+tattooed hunk, hot shenanigans and safe predictability. And Rocket Science hit the spot. Cute and sexy with a HEA. Synopsis: The super smart and super awkward Elijah moves across the country to start a PhD program. Incidentally, that places him in the same city as his best friend’s brother – Pax – who’s been Elijah’s secret crush for years. When Pax is tasked…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Shifter

    Smash & Grab (Relic #1) by Maz Maddox

    This is a cute and whimsical read. It’s lighthearted entertainment with a fresh angle on the shifter genre. And I enjoyed it quite a bit. Blurb: There’s a nerdy paleontologist, Simon, who’s working on a fossil a certain cartel collector is set on stealing. When cartel goons are about to grab both Simon and the fossil, a guy with a bat and a pink mohawk shows up and saves both. While kicking some cartel ass. What started as a regular work day for Simon ends up with him setting out on a road trip across the country with a total stranger, albeit a good looking one. Dalton – Simon’s savior…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Sci-Fi

    Alpha Trine (The Valespian Pact Book 1) by Lexi Ander

    This here’s an M/M, Sci-Fi romance. Or maybe it would be more correct calling it an M/living-snake-tattoo/marsupial romance? Because technically it’s a threesome (even though two of the involved beings are in fact merged together) involving three different species of unclear biological gender. So I’ll be honest. I didn’t like this read as a romance even a little bit. But as a Sci-Fi adventure, I adored it! Blurb: The main character is a guy named Zeus. Found on an abandoned space-ship as an infant, he was adopted by the Mar’Sani royal family. Despite him being human and the Mar’Sani being big, scaly, lizard-people. Raised like a prince but never truly…

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  • Crappy smut,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Sci-Fi

    Kríe Captivity (Nira Chronicles #1) by Kora Knight

    This book belongs to the dicked-out-by-an-alien genre. The M/M edition. And call me kinky, but it was actually pretty entertaining. Blurb: A team of scientists crash on an alien planet they’re sent to investigate. Apparently without knowing the place is teeming with intelligent lifeforms. They’re quickly captured by some big-ass, purple aliens. Highly sexual ones. The mostly straight team of humans aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the aliens’ advances. But after luring the humans into eating some sort of alien viagra-fruit, well, things heat up. Obviously, this is not a book meant for everyone. But it works for open-minded people who enjoy Sci-Fi and supernatural reads. And also like to read…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Romance

    Charming Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie

    If you ask me, this is the least engaging book in the Like Us series. It’s also the first that doesn’t actually feature a member of one of the famous families as an MC, meaning it does stand out that way. But since this is the seventh installment in the series – a series where the books aren’t meant to be read as stand-alones – it probably doesn’t matter. The readers of Charming Like Us are the hard-core fans that will stick with the series no matter what. Since that includes me as well, I’ll still read the next one when it’s released, despite my less than awestruck impression of…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Paranormal,  Romance,  Shifter

    Defy or Defend (Delightfully Deadly #2) by Gail Carriger

    Defy or Defend is a romantic comedy set in Gail Carriger’s paranormal, steam-punk Parasolverse and it’s as charmingly whimsical as all of her books. It’s a through-and-through feel-good read that had me smiling from start to finish. The dry humor is to die for. And it was exactly what I needed now when it seems like the whole world is going to shit. However, I was a bit hesitant about this book at first. This is a spin-off from the Finishing School series and follows Dimity Plumleigh-Teignmott, a.k.a. Honey Bee, as a grown-up, working as a spy for the War Office. As Finishing School is a YA series, I ended…

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  • Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Romance

    His Fake Prison Daddy by Thursday Euclid and Clancy Nacht

    So. Yeah. There’s a book called His Fake Prison Daddy. And I’ve read it. Why did I do that you wonder? Well, it wasn’t because of the title, that’s for sure. No, it was because of all the positive reviews. And I can only concur with the surprised delight of so many other reviewers. His Fake Prison Daddy (yes it is indeed a cringe-worthy title) is pretty darn good. Now, it won’t win any rewards. It’s shallow entertainment, heavy on the smut. But it’s high quality, smutty entertainment which makes all the difference! It’s highly unrealistic, slightly dark – but not at all as dark as I thought it would…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance

    Sure Shot by Sarina Bowen

    Coming May 12 I tried to hold off a bit, reading Sure Shot. Because I know that once I start one of Bowen’s books, I usually can’t put it down until I’ve finished it. And yes, that’s pretty much what happened. So, as per usual, I started out carefully trying to savor every word, but soon I was racing through to the end feeling a whole lot of feels and nursing a book hangover. Sure Shot is the latest installment in the Brooklyn Bruisers series. That’s hockey-themed romance of the very best kind. This series takes place in the kind of book universe where there are the same recurring characters…

  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Paranormal,  Romance

    The Prince and the Omega by Penelope Peters

    This is a sweet little story in a non-shifter, alpha-omega, mpreg universe. It’s a freebie I received in return for an honest review. From the title, you can tell there’s royalty and, what’s even more, there are castles and arranged marriages too. So it’s basically an M/M fairytale for adults. It’s about the Omega Rowan and prince Gaspar (Gus for short) who meet at a royal ball and promptly fall into bed. Rowan doesn’t know that Gus is the prince who’s about to become engaged to his best friend. But neither Gus nor Rowan expected there to be more than physical attraction. Or a very tangible reminder of their night…

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  • Entertaining,  M/M,  Romance,  Shifter

    Freebie smut by Kendall Ryan and Kiki Burrell

    Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan I can’t decide if this is the epitome of romance novel silliness or if it’s actually the ultimate romance. Either way, it’s pretty juicy. And chock-full of clichés, to the point where I was practically rolling my eyes (even though that makes reading quite difficult). The juicy-ness however makes it worth it. Maybe. This is a story about Emma the librarian who – on the side – starts working as an escort for the company owned by a guy she’s been stalking and fantasizing about for a year. Gavin, Emma’s new boss and stalking-victim, owns this high-end escort-company together with his two brothers. And…

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