• 4-star,  M/M,  Romance,  Suspense,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Bet on Me by Saxon James

    Bet on Me is the newest release from Saxon James, an M/M author who is completely new to me. I’d label the story as a sweet, gay romance with a hint of suspense. And all in all, it was a great read. But I must admit, I chose this read because of the hunk of a man on the cover. I mean, look at those pecs and shoulders! Sure, the level of drool-worthiness of the cover model might be a somewhat subpar way of choosing my reading. But luckily it worked out this time since Bet on Me was pretty awesome. The story’s main characters are Taryn, a professional fotball…

  • M/M,  Romance,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Just Be You by M. E. Parker

    Right. I hadn’t meant to write this review. Or rather, I hadn’t really planned on reading Just Be You by M.E. Parker, not just yet anyway. I have a lot of other books way higher up on my to-read list. However, I had such a craving for some Parker writing I couldn’t stop myself. In truth I was holding out for her next release in the Gilcrest Guys series, Resisting Rein, but that release appears to have been postponed. Just Be You is a lovely romance. It’s about Scott Cohen, musical genius, Grammy nominee and gay. And about his brother’s best – and also straight – friend, Marshall, who Scott’s…

  • Entertaining,  F/M,  Romance,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Only Ever You by C. D. Reiss

    This is a sugary sweet lovestory that will be available July 9. It’s about two childhood friends, Rachel and Sebastian, and their unconventional way to a happily ever after. As teenagers, they signed a contract promising to marry each other if they both were still single at 30. Then life happened, they were separated in college, lived in different cities and had relationships. More or less forgetting each other. Then one christmas, when they’re 30, they meet again. And they decide to honor the contract. I’m very conflicted about this read. It’s just so … sweet. Too sweet for me I realize. I love romance, but I very much prefer…

  • 4-star,  F/M,  Romance,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Seven Shades of You by A. M. Johnson

    Seven Shades of You is the second installment in the Twin Hearts series. The first one, Let there be light, simply blew me away, and I expected nothing less of Seven Shades of You. I was not disappointed. Seven Shades is the love story of Indie and Kai. They’re both College students and couldn’t be more dissimilar at a first glance. Indie is an art-student. She’s bipolar with psychotic tendencies and uses her art as an outlet and a countermeasure. She sees the world in different colours than most, and fights a constant battle against her inner demons. Kai on the other hand is one of the best on the…

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  • 5-star reads,  M/M,  Romance,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

    Let there be light by A. M. Johnson

    Let there be light is more than a story of first love. So much more. It’s overwhelming, devastating and beautifully poetic. There’s so much emotion. Darkness and light. Let there be light is the story about two college students, Royal and Camden, and the slow unfolding of their relationship. Royal is an easy-going, swim scholarship student. Camden is a fiercly talented pianist, who – as a coping mechanism – keeps himself emotionally disconnected from the world. These two polar opposites meet by chance and just like magnets, they’re drawn to each other. But Royal has never been attracted to a guy before, and Camden has kept himself apart, living in…

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