4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M

Change of Course (Change of Hearts #3) by Sierra Hill

Release date: January 13th

This read was hot! Lots of sexual tension and sizzle, and lots of NSFW shenanigans.

It’s an M/M, professor-student, slight age-gap (it’s actually only a 7 year gap, but it appears bigger due to the guys’ different circumstances) romance with just a tiny bit of daddy-kink thrown in. And it was simply delicious. I usually cringe from reading the word daddy in a sexual context, but somehow it really worked here.

Synopsis: Kyler is an art-student. Super talented, estranged from his family, and trying to make ends meet by tending bar and dancing at a gay club. He’s also been burned and don’t want to ever again be in a position where he’s dependant on anybody, particularly not a lover. Lucas is an art college professor. Very put together and proper, but also closeted. He occasionally hooks up when he sees someone he likes. And he really likes the hot young bartender he meets a few weeks before the start of the new semester. Kyler and Lucas spend a scorching hot night together and part ways. But then they come face to face again when it turns out Lucas teaches an art-class Kyler needs to graduate.

I fell for Kyler right away. He’s a bit disillusioned, but so very likable. A little snarky and definitely cocky, but with his heart in the right place. Determined to be self-reliant and to never fall in love again. He was awesome and I loved him from the start. Also, his job as a dancer made him extra appealing for some reason.

Lucas was trickier. He was incredibly hot as a dominant daddy for Kyler, but I admit I had trouble understanding his reasons for staying in the closet. A lot of it was ascribed to his grandmother and that god damn inheritance he wouldn’t get unless he married. But I have a hard time sympathizing with adult characters, with lifes and careers of their own, that are being controlled by older relatives – especially if it’s mostly/only about money. Like, why? You can support yourself dude. And even the additional reasons of his grandmother’s failing health etc didn’t justify his choice in my eyes.

Anyway. Kyler and Lucas have this incredible chemistry. And they’re trying to resist each other. Well, mostly it’s Lucas who tries to resist Kyler but fails again and again. Meanwhile, Kyler realizes he likes Lucas more than he should but keeps coming back for more despite his own one-and-done rule. It’s awesome.

There’s also a few minor side plots that adds tension to the story. There’s Lucas best friend not knowing he’s gay, there’s Kyler’s ex trying to get him back, and there’s the obvious risk of Kyler’s and Lucas’ relationship getting out and ruining Lucas’ career. Among other things.

I looooved the Vegas trip and what happened there. It was like, yeah finally! And the same goes for the rest of Lucas’ coming out.

However. Some of the things in the end didn’t sit right with me. So, this will be spoiler-ish; But I just thought the way Lucas handled his grandmother’s digging around was wrong. I don’t mean the immediate reaction, I’m talking about the apology. Two text messages followed by a big “I’ll throw money at you so you’ll forgive me” in front of all their friends? Considering that Kyler’s previous boyfriend practically owned him, extravagant gifts might not be the most appropriate go-to as an apology. So I’m sorry to say that that ending lowered my overall enjoyment of the story a little bit.

In the end however, this is still a super sexy read that I highly recommend for anyone in the mood for some naughty and wants the romance and the HEA as well.


*A free copy of this book was kindly provided by the author


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