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Changed – Mated to the Alien Alpha by Robin Moray

It appears that I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. I could never in a million years have imagined the immensity of available smutty paranormal subgenres if it wasn’t for my seemingly innocent gateway drug: M/M shifter romance. But now I’ve found a veritable mother lode of pornographic, and often unintentionally funny, novels within the “fucked by a huge alien”-genre. Technically, I think it’s classified as paranormal romance – alien-style – but the fucked category is way more appropriate. And self explanatory.

Changed, with the subtitle Mated to the Alien Alpha, by Robin Moray is actually a great story. The Avatar-factor is high though, with some minor differences. First, it’s M/M. Second, it’s NSFW. And third, it’s an mpreg story.


So, the blurb: An all-male group, comprising of miners and a few scientists, is transported to an uninhabited planet. The trip is company funded and the objective is to mine a precious mineral. The human MC, Cameron who is a xenolinguist but still managed to tag along despite the supposed lack of intelligent life, soon discovers that there are in fact big, purple humanoids inhabiting the planet. One of which seem to be particularly fond of Cameron. Their meetings almost immediately escalate to include all sorts X-rated activity. Cameron and his alien, Tal’jen, are quite fond of each other even though they can’t actually understand one another. But then again, a huge, purple and conveniently ribbed cock might have something to do with that. Anyway, the alien planet, that seemed to be quite safe for humans, turns out to have quite a pronounced effects on human physiology. And when the humans starts changing, all hell breaks loose.

Changed is quite an intriguing story and, as a general fan of science fiction, I really enjoyed the world building and the entire story setting. It’s also very well written which honestly surprised me a little. It’s probably my prejudice talking, but I hadn’t expected a clearly talented author and storyteller to write this kind of juicy alien porn.

Because it is porn. The focus is very much on alien cock, cum and different kinds of suction, slobbering and penetration. It’s weirdly spectacular and awesome. If you can get behind the whole inter-species thing. And exhibitionism. There’s public fucking galore.

There is romance, sure. But that part is more of an afterthought. The physical attraction between Cameron and Tal’jen is what drives the story. And there seem to be a component of fated mates even if it’s not a term mentioned out loud. The mpreg bit, I’m not sure how I feel about that. And how would that work physiology-wise? The back-door also going up to a uterus? That sounds like the beginning of a severe uterine infection if you ask me. But what’s the saying, everything is allowed in love and fiction, right?

I had a bit of trouble keeping the different miner and scientist characters apart. They were all introduced in quick succession with only cursory features. I’d say that’s my main objection to the story. But I get it, Moray was probably eager to write about the good stuff and didn’t want to spend time on side-characters that weren’t directly involved in the alien humping. I mean. A ribbed dick. I wouldn’t spend time on trivial details in a story like that either. And. Since this is the first in the new Omega Colony series, I’m guessing that all those side-kicks will be properly introduced in their own books, where they get their very own alien.

In conclusion, this was great, filthy entertainment. Surprising, but kind of awesome. Because who knew that aliens could be so hot. I’m really thankful they were humanoid though. I don’t think I could’ve stomached something with tentacles.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).