Christmas in the City by L.J. Shen and many many more

Christmas in the City is a total gem. It’s a Christmas (duh) themed anthology featuring the best authors, and is guaranteed to put a goofy smile on your face. It’s a total of six stories, co-written by twelve authors, including L.J. Shen, Helena Hunting, Penelope Ward, Penny Reid, Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

If you’re anything like me and don’t have nearly enough time for reading now that the holiday season is here, then you’ll appreciate this anthology for sure. Usually I prefer full-length novels, but during December especially, there’s never enough time to really immerse myself, and then bite-sized is the shit.

Christmas in the City is a super cute, sexy and altogether fuzzy collection of love stories that is bound to make you all warm inside. Personally, I was most excited to get re-acquainted with Jamie and Wes from Him and Us by Bowen and Kennedy, but every single one of the stories was perfect in its own way.

There’s a story of an encounter in Paris entailing a shoe full och dog piss and a missed tip, but that ends with epic sex and true love.

Then there’s the story with the christmas tree stuck in the door and where a sexy neighbour being neighbourly leads to so much more.

There’s the queen and the bodyguard, a story that is both sizzling and romantic.

The two strangers in Dublin, meeting on christmas eve.

The unexpected, but not unwelcome, consequences of kissing a stranger in a coffee shop on a dare.

And Wesmie of course. Oh my lordt, the feels!

So, basically, Christmas in the City is great for a quick fix of the feel-goods. In other words, perfect for this time of year. Read it!


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