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Dear Mr. Brody (For Him #3) by A.M. Johnson

Release Date: August 5th


This story just made me so darn happy. It has such a hopeful and sweet vibe, but without being mushy or overly sugary. And still, it’s also hot as all get out.

It’s such a perfect blend of feelings and naughty I can only say; Congrats Johnson! You really nailed this one.

Dear Mr. Brody is a professor-student, age-gap (small one) and bi-awakening story. And it’s positively delicious.

Synopsis: Donovan Brody – Van – is newly divorced, a literary agent teaching creative writing as a side-gig. Parker Mills is his student, a gifted writer, and smoking hot. Single for the first time in his adult life, Van is intent on exploring his attraction to men. He hits it off with a guy on a dating (*cough* hook-up *cough*) app. When it turns out to be Parker, neither one of them can resist the temptation.

I adored every moment of this read. It’s as simple as that. Everything just clicked.

Both Van and Parker are fleshed out, real, and engaging.

The lead-up to their irl relationship, with them chatting in the app, is awesome. I’m such a sucker for great dialogue. I was practically giddy with anticipation when they finally decided on a date.

It was such a natural and organic development of their feelings towards each other.

And the intimacy between the two was beautifully portrayed. Sure, the sexytimes were yummy as heck, but most importantly, the feelings conveyed those times were what really stood out to me. And again – without silly, cavity inducing declarations. That combo; Sizzling shenanigans and sincere and deep emotion hits all my spots.

And don’t even get me started on the dynamic of Parker – the out and proud student – educating his inexperienced professor in the bedroom. Yes, I might have occasionally gotten a bit hot and bothered.

I could go on and wax poetic about this book all day.

It’s basically perfectly composed. Van’s and Parker’s evolving relationship is naturally the main focus. But there are other aspects of the story that makes the book so much more. It’s Van’s relationship to his daughter. Him navigating his new life as a single dad. Him coming out to his family. It’s Parker opening up about his past, of him following his dreams.

It’s five stars. Highly recommend.

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by the author *


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