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Debug (A Collar for His Brat #4) by R.J. Moray

Coming March 27

A Collar For His Brat is M/M BDSM erotica and a bit (a lot) more hard-core than I’m used to. Debug is the 4th part in a serial and the first of ‘season two’.

Debug continues the story of Ewan’s and Nate’s relationship. Which is quite complicated. They’re not quite Dom and Sub, but they’re more than Top and Bottom. And Ewan is most definitely a brat. They’re trying to find a balance between being both boss-employee and Dom-brat, but keeping the two parts of their lifes separate is hard. Especially since Nate is new to the whole relationship deal and Ewan won’t allow himself to fully trust another Dom again.

But first. Full disclosure. I haven’t actually read season one of A Collar For His Brat. I am currently reading His Boy Next Door though – another of Moray’s serials – which is a parallel story featuring another couple who are friends with the Brat-couple. So in other words, I’m familiar with the characters and Moray’s BDSM universe, even if reading about Ewan and Nate from their own viewpoints is new to me.

The fact that Nate is a full-fledged sadist and Ewan’s a masochist in its truest sense did make this read less appealing to me. Simply because I don’t enjoy reading about pain and degradation – nevermind that there’s consent. But, that being said, I still think Debug is an awesome story. Moray is a scarily talented writer and knows exactly how to suck readers into her world. The dynamics between Ewan and Nate, Ewan’s struggles to accept himself and his own desires, Nate’s efforts to understand Ewan and gain his trust. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. And to think that I couldn’t even appreciate the X-rated sections of this story and I still enjoyed it immensely! That’s saying something about Moray’s writing!

In all honesty, I’m actually astonished that I liked this story so much considering the roughness of the guys’ sessions. But the way Ewan and Nate were portrayed, their insecurities and doubts, it was simply beautifully done. Also, it was awesome to get a sneak peek at Channon and Jack from His Boy Next Door through the eyes of Ewan and Nate. I just love those kind of overlapping stories.

So in conclusion I can’t really say that I’ll continue to read the Brat-serial. It’s just too rough for my tastes. But I will keep reading anything else Moray writes. She’s just that great an author and absolutely knows her way around high-quality M/M smut.



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