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Dragon Ever After (Here Be Dragons #1) by Louisa Masters

This read was a pure and utter delight! Just the funny, quirky and ridiculous story I needed. So, yes, I loved it.

Technically, this is a new series – even though I believe there’s only one more book planned. But this is a spin-off from the Hidden Species series, and the only thing that really distinguishes it from that series is that the overall story arc was concluded with Sorcerers Always Satisfy. Therefore, I wouldn’t call Dragon Ever After a stand-alone. You won’t be able to appreciate the supporting characters, or the world building, unless you’ve read Hidden Species first.

Synopsis: Percy, the retired leader of the Community of Species Government, is happy travelling the world and being free of responsibility. But when circumstances pushes him together with the sexy Brandt, wing leader of the dragons, Percy is tempted to re-evaluate his solitary plans. Maybe it’s time for him to do something for just himself for once? Brandt seems to be on the same page, but being involved with a species leader comes with responsibilities. Is Percy ready to be thrown into all that politicking again?

Percy was one of those characters that were quite buttoned up in the Hidden Species books. To read a story from his perspective – when he’s no longer the Lucifer – was awesome. He was a sweetheart, which was obvious from previous books, but he also turned out to be a naughty, naughty boy.

But even if Percy were adorable, it was Brandt I fell in love with.

Masters is the best at creating silly and fabulous personas that you can’t help but adore. And Brandt is very much such a character. He’s a thirty thousand year old dragon shifter who’s an utter man-child. In the best way. He even gives Alistair a run for his money which is saying something.

Hellhounds are ridiculous. Not like dragons. We’re mighty, fearsome beasts known for our wisdom and sagaciousness. I puff out my chest.

“I beg your pardon”, Percy says sincerely – – – “I must be misremembering that time I visited a dragon settlement and saw a dozen adult dragons playing fetch”.

Well… fuck.

“It wasn’t fetch”, I declare, although it really was.

My one objection to the story would be that there is no real plot. This is a rom-com, albeit paranormal, and nothing more. It’s Percy and Brandt coming together, the end. In Hidden Species there was a long-term plot running in parallel with the love-story of each installment. It was an outside force threatening to ruin the romance, there was something to fight. In Dragon Ever After, there was no such threat. Nothing (serious) stood in Percy and Brandt’s way except for themselves. And that left the read slightly wanting. It was cute, delightful and funny, but the lack of any controversy lowers my rating from a 5 to a 4.5.

I’m also super psyched to read the next installment, The Professor’s Dragon, where Dustin gets his happy.


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