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Encore (Famous #4) by Eden Finley

Release date: September 9th

This was an awesome read!

And hot as all get out.

Synopsis: Blake Monroe, former boy band super star come action hero, is persuaded to star in a gay rom-com by his then co-star and cinematic love interest, Jordan Brooks. But when a photo of Blake and Jordan is leaked to the press, they need to go into hiding, despite Blake being straight and him and Jordan only being friends. But what better way to spend the time hiding from the media than by method-acting in order to be more relaxed and natural about kissing and being intimate with another man?

Just to be clear. I didn’t adore this book from the start. I even disliked Jordan in the beginning. He appeared so shallow that I couldn’t believe he was supposed to be Blake’s love-interest. But I should have known better than to doubt Finley. Because of course she peeled back all of Jordan’s defensive layers to get to the sweet and insecure underneath.

Blake on the other hand was a insta-lovable.

And the way they were together! Hot hot hot!

* fanning myself *

As always, there’s lots of humour and snark. I mean, that’s practically Finley’s trademark. The humour was perfectly balanced in relation to the angstier parts. And the sexytimes was the spice that made Encore so altogether delicious.

I also loved that the other Eleven guys had such a prominent part in the story. Getting to see more of them was amazing, and also seeing them all together. I hadn’t realized I wasn’t ready to let them go, so this was the perfect ending of the series.

This might even be my favourite Famous book.

Highly recommend! 5 stars!

* A free copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher *


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