4-star,  Delicious smut,  Guilty Pleasure,  M/M

Endangered Species (Time Served #1) by Onley James

This read is the very definition of juicy smut, the kind you really don’t want to read in public. In another word: Awesome!

Synopsis: Nicholas Webster leads a good life. He’s left his abusive childhood behind and is a computer wiz at a security firm. That is, until he’s falsely accused of terrorism and incarcerated in a maximum security prison. The same prison where his step-brother, Cyrus, is serving 25 years for a murder he didn’t commit – because Nicky’s testimony put him there. Nicky thinks he’s a dead man. But, as it turns out, Cy isn’t the one Nicky should fear the most. Someone wants Nicky dead, the sooner the better, and it has something to do with what he unearthed while trying to find information to exonerate Cy.

To be honest, this isn’t a literary masterpiece. But then, it doesn’t try to be. This book is all about the feels and the naughty. So much naughty. It’s a quick read and it was the perfect fix when I was in the mood for some dirty man-on-man action.

Basically, escapism of the highest order.

Step-brothers meet up in prison. Dirty, dirty deeds ensue. And then there are even more dirty deeds while they also try to stay alive long enough to prove they’re innocent and to nail the bad guys to the wall (in the non-fun kind of way).

It’s an entirely event-driven storyline. No in-depth portrayals of the characters. No character development to speak of. Which is perfectly fine. This is a mostly black and white story. The good guys wear prison uniforms while the guards are the bad guys, well, some of them anyway. It’s extremely clichéd – in the very best way. But there are also fights and blood, as well as allusions to sexual abuse and rape. However, it’s not a dark read at all, and it has the cutest HEA ever.

Highly recommend.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).