Entertaining,  F/M

Faking Ms Right by Claire Kingsley

Right. So, I hadn’t intended on writing this review since I just did the prequel, but then I finished Faking Ms Right. And now, I just need to get my thoughts out there. Because, bottom line is, I’m disappointed.

But first, the storyline. It’s about Everly Dalton – the queen of terrible first dates – and how she finally meets her Mr Right, even though she doesn’t recognize him at first. Everly’s job as an assistant to hardass billionaire Shepherd Calloway has her putting up with all sorts of things. But her boss asking her to be his fake girlfriend probably takes the cake. Everly has to move in with her sexy boss and share his bed, handle encounters with his gold-digging ex and also, her sister wants her to ask for his sperm. But after a while of faking it, being Shepherd’s ‘girfriend’ starts to feel really good and real.

I loved the prequel. It was funny, witty and had me rooting for Everly so hard.

And Faking Ms Right started out real promising. I mean, the fake relationship trope is the best. The story just seem to have it all. There’s the sexy but allegedly cold and unfeeling billionaire boss, there’s the catty ex, there are all these delicious situations where Everly and Shepherd need to fake intimacy to uphold their ruse. And then of course, the baby-contract. So yeah, it should be nothing but amazing entertainment. And in a sense, it is. But this read has about the straightest storyline I’ve ever encountered. There are no side-tracks, no twists you didn’t see coming a mile away. Everything is utterly predictable.

The first few chapters of a book is crucial. They set the stage for the story by revealing just enough to build expectations, and they need to pull the reader in but without divulging too much. The breadcrumbs dropped in the first chapters should be teasers, they should enable you to guess at some of the story development, but complete transparency is not a good thing. If you’re never surprised along the way, if everything in the story happens the way you envisioned it from the beginning, then it’s just boring.

And unfortunately, Faking Ms Right didn’t contain a single surprise.

So, I’m vacillating between disappointment of the predictability of it all, and delight over the juicy story. Because it is juicy and sweet, funny and romantic. Just without an ounce of that little extra.

Also. There’s a bit of nooky. I like nooky. Preferably explicit nooky. But apart from the first, really really hot scene in the car (kudos to Kinglsey because that was something else!), the rest of the sexing was quite frankly uninspired. In, out, in out, scratch, spank. The scenes were long, and every other paragraph I was sure they were about to come. Only to discover that they weren’t actually coming but going at it harder. So, I guess I was wrong about the no surprises thing. It was rather surprising that Shepherd didn’t break Everly’s vajayjay with his intense in-outing.

But… this is my disappointment talking. Claire Kinglsey is an amazingly talented author. Her writing is hilarious and the story is delightful. If only there would have been something unexpected thrown in there, it would have been an amazing romance read. Unfortunately, the predictability makes this only an average read to me. Which is truly a shame since Kingsley is obviously a very skilled writer. However, I will have to read more of her novels, because I can’t bring myself to write her off just yet.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).