4-star,  M/M,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

Featherbed (Vino & Veritas #1) by Annabeth Albert

Release date: March 15

Featherbed is a cute M/M romance set in Vermont, in the True North universe. It’s also one of the least angsty book I’ve ever read. It’s just altogether cosy, with two mature guys hitting it off.

Synopsis: Harrison is the former big-city lawyer who packed up his life and moved to Vermont to open an inclusive book-shop. And Finn is the farmer whose chickens are accidentally delivered to the loading dock of the aforementioned shop. Harrison has long given up the idea of finding love. He didn’t expect to still be alive at the age of 42 after all. But the big, beefy chicken-farmer who comes to collect his poultry is delicious. Finn doesn’t like the look of Harrison at all. Alright, he’s beautiful. But he also reminds Finn too much of his ex, a city-boy who couldn’t be happy in rural Vermont. And Finn won’t waste his time on someone who will be bored by country life in a few months. But they could always keep things casual, right?

I really liked that both Harrison and Finn were more mature. (I seem to appreciate maturity and good sense more and more the older I get, who would have thought!) They were grounded and didn’t expect love to sweep them off their feet. And they most certainly wouldn’t change their priorities because of some fling. Or so they thought.

So, this is more of a low-key, realistic love-story, which I found really refreshing. I’m not saying there wasn’t any drama, because there was. It just wasn’t the over the top, teenage-kind of angst involved. Instead, the guys were actually self-aware and humble enough to realize their own mistakes and then solve them like adults by talking. So awesome!

In short, this is somewhat of an understated gem for the low-angst lovers of M/M romance. And so well written. A solid 4-star!

*A free copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher*


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