Flipcup (Vino & Veritas #7) by Kim Hartfield

Release Date: April 5th

Full disclosure: This is my first F/F read. Like, ever. But when Flipcup was offered, my curiosity was piqued. And even if F/F romance had never been on my radar before, I thought I’d give it a shot.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have, though.

Synopsis: This is the story about Tara, a former foster-kid who left Boston for a fresh start in Burlington, Vermont, and Chelsea whose biggest problem in life is to get – and keep – a boyfriend. These women couldn’t be more different. Which may be why they were drawn to each other in the first place. Chelsea has sworn off men after yet another regrettable one-night stand. And when the beautiful, female clerk at the Vino & Veritas bookshop starts flirting with her, Chelsea’s world as she knows it changes.

This is a very well-written story in every way. It’s entirely focused on the interactions between the two MCs and there’s very little else going on until the very end. Alternating POVs ensure you get to know both Tara and Chelsea well, and they both evolve and change throughout the book. Chelsea matures – a bit. And Tara opens herself up to life and love. It’s cute. And I’m sure lots of readers will adore this book.

However, when I started reading, it soon became clear that this actually wasn’t a story meant for me. Not only were one of the MCs way too immature (or I might just be too ripe, who knows?) but the whole build-up and excitement that’s supposed to accompany a budding romance wasn’t there. And sexual tension? None. Nada. Zilch.

Probably because I’m a heterosexual woman that kept wishing that at least one of the MCs had a dick.

So there is no way in hell that I can review or rate this book the way it deserves. It’s like grown-up men dissing Twilight. Well of course you think it sucks dude, it’s a book meant for teenage girls!

Anyway. I guess I’ll need to apologize to Kim Hartfield. The writing, story structure and character development all deserves a 4-star rating. But to me, since my personal preferences kept me from being pulled in to the story, this was actually a very weak 3-star.

* A free copy of this book was kindly offered by Heart Eyes Press *


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