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Four Ever by Sloane Kennedy

This is a seriously juicy story, but despite being about an all male, foursome relationship, it’s unexpectedly weighty and emotional. So, it’s actually not 320 pages of non-stop smut but a story of four lost individuals who manages to help each other heal.

And then, there’s smut.

Synopsis: Killian and Zak have been a couple for years, living together with a big family consisting of a menagerie of rescue animals. It seems idyllic, but since Killian was shot on the job 18 months prior, they started drifting apart and now they don’t know if they can ever find their way back to each other again. Then Zak, who works as a nurse, brings home two young men, one of them a selective mute and the other one injured after being attacked while protecting his brother. The brothers, Noah and Liam, are homeless, fiercely protective of one another, and deeply traumatized. But when Noah’s and Liam’s physical injuries start to mend, there’s an unexpected turn of events. And there’s sparks all around.


 I wasn’t at all expecting the angst and trauma described in the first part of this book. The first half is pretty depressing to be honest. It’s dark and even horrifying in parts. There are no on-page triggers, but there are lots of referrals to past events of abuse, violence, prostitution, and there’s even murder. It’s captivating as heck, but I wasn’t prepared for all those emotions. I mean, I thought I was diving into some kind of fluffy erotica.

But not only was it a more sinister story setting than I was expecting, the portrayal of these four men was pretty impressing. These four guys were such distinctive individuals. Kennedy made them so very real and gave them such depth I’m actually quite awed. I don’t know how she managed to portray four main characters and still make them unique and flawed and so very engaging. Because I’ve read plenty of books with just the standard two people setup who appear as human as paper cut-outs – unfortunately.

But then, after the angst and the tears, there is actually plenty of smut too. Good smut! I approve!

However, after that, there are some more tears. I had to blow my nose. Several times. But it was so worth it.

Basically, it’s great writing, great character depth, big emotions and hot nooky. Also, lots and lots of animals. That was frankly a bit over the top, though. A miniature horse that’s allowed in the house and even in bed! Really? Kind of freaky, but not enough to lower my overall opinion of Four Ever.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).