4-star,  M/M

Hat Trick by Eden Finley

Hat Trick is the 5th and last installment in Eden Finley’s Fake Boyfriend series. It’s simply the sweetest love-story and an incredibly emotional goodbye to her Fake Boyfriend universe. Finishing Hat Trick had me more than a little teary eyed knowing that there won’t be any more of these hilarious guys to get to know.

I guess this book could be read as a stand-alone, but that would be an enormous waste of the depth of the story. To fully appreciate this awesome romance you should definitively have read the previous four installments too.


Hat Trick is the story of how Jet and Soren finds their happily ever after. Jet’s the lead singer of a band struggling to make it big. Soren is a hockey player and Jet’s senior by ten years. Three years ago, Jet and Soren shared an unforgettable night together, but the next day Soren learned that Jet was the kid brother to one of his friends, and Jet was leaving on a tour. It was like they weren’t meant to be. When they meet again, both recently single, they get a new chance at love. But is it even possible to make a relationship work without one of them giving up on their career?

This story has so much going for it. It’s a second-chance romance, there’s the sexy rock-star meets hot athlete angle and there’s the age gap. The slight taboo of getting involved with a friend’s sibling doesn’t hurt either. And it’s all wrapped up in the hilarious comradery of a group of super competitive, and a bit immature, professional athletes that we’ve gotten to know in the previous four books.

For a Fake Boyfriend book, I’d say it’s one of the cutest in the series. Meaning there was very little angst and conflict. But I can honestly say I can’t be particularly objective when reviewing this read. I’m too emotionally invested, which I’m sure is the case for all of Finley’s fans now saying their goodbyes to the Fake Boyfriends. So I can just say that I loved Jet’s and Soren’s story. It’s a super charming romance and so funny with all the antics the gay brigade gets up to. It’s humour and love in the very best combination. And there’s also some very hot dick-action which is always a win.

The one thing that kept bugging me is Soren’s name. So, his name is Caleb Sorensen. But to a Swede it’s painfully clear that it should be Sörensen or Sørensen since it’s obviously a Scandinavian name. So every time I read Soren, I went back and forth between the two different pronunciations. First the English version, then the Swedish and then back to English. Every. Single. Time. That was a bit exhausting.

But even though Finley says this is the last book. I’m hoping she’ll change her mind. There are new characters in Hat Trick that deserve their own HEA, so I’m rooting for them and for Finley’s inspiration.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).