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Heated Rivalry (Game Changers #2) by Rachel Reid

I don’t know why I waited so long to read this book! It’s awesome! It’s a blazing hot roller-coaster ride with a beautiful ending. I love it.

It’s the ultimate enemies-to-lovers story.

Two hockey players, Shane and Ilya, are on rivalling teams and have been pitted against each other since they were drafted. They’re as different as can be, but their attraction is off the charts. And even though they don’t even like each other, they’re dynamite in the bedroom. And no one will ever find out, right?

This is such a delicious read I’m beating myself up for not picking it up sooner. I mean, I’ve seen all the recommendations, the fan-girl (or boy) reviews. But the first in the series didn’t wow me, so I figured it couldn’t be that good. But OMG the hotness. And my poor heart!

The story follows Shane and Ilya all the way from their first meeting at 17, through both of their rising stardoms in the NFL. The relationship that starts as nothing but physical attraction and a way for two guys to get off together in an environment that isn’t exactly inclusive, evolves into something so much more.

And it was heart-breaking at times. Shane pretty much wore his heart on his sleeve while Ilya was an absolute jerk. Yes, I kind of hated him through much of the story. Then he’d show his softer side and I’d forgive him. Until the next shitty thing he’d say or do. So, the feels! All the bloody feels! It was both exhausting and wonderful.

So there’s a happy ending. Naturally. And, of course I knew there would be. But for the longest time I just couldn’t fathom how they could possibly make it work and that had me so, so worried. Because yes, these guys were absolutely real to me.

Sure, you could probably argue that Ilya did a 180 towards the end (which he did), and that that wasn’t particularly believable (which it wasn’t). But to be honest, nothing in this story is very likely and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Wonderful story. Wonderful writing. Sexy as all get out. Just read it.


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