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Hijinks With a Hellhound (Hidden Species #3) by Louisa Masters

Release Date: March 25th

Man, I love Alistair! He’s by far the most fun of all of the Hidden Species characters (so far). Like a big kid that doesn’t know the meaning of personal boundaries but with a heart of gold.

So, of course I loved this book! I’ve waited for Alistair’s story ever since I read Demons Do It Better last year.

So, to the story.

It picks up right where #2 left off. And Alistair is assigned to accompany Aidan, the species’ leader to investigate the community where they believe Tisch is hiding with his followers. But Alistair resents Aidan because of the way he handled Sam’s first shift a while back, which makes things awkward. Until Alistair realize that what he’s feeling is actually something entirely different.

This is hilarious reading. I tried to highlight my favourite parts, all the priceless things that pops out of Alistair’s mouth. But that turned out to be pretty pointless since that made every other page completely yellow. Seriously. How the heck does Masters come up with these things?! It’s the very best humour. Immature and really inappropriate but absolutely fabulous. Love it!

“No! You have a crush on Aidan?” “Maybe.” I grab two jumbo boxes of cereal. “Mostly I think I just want to get naked with him and come in his hair.” An outraged gasp has me turning to see a wide-eyed, red-faced middle-aged man staring at me. “It would be totally consensual,” I tell him, and his jaw drops.

And since Alistair is …well, Alistair, he doesn’t waste any time to act on these newly discovered feelings. He’s so smooth about it too.

“Great. We’ll go to Jun’s first, talk to him and any of his pack who are available, then maybe Riona and her clan – depends on how we’re doing for time at that point. Oh, and at some time today, we should talk about having sex.”

This is a rom-com, sure. But it’s perhaps 10% romance and 90% comedy. I’m perfectly happy with that, and everyone who’s read the first two installments knows what this series is about. So as long as you don’t expect this to be all about the love you won’t be disappointed.

About the long-term plot. The details have been a bit unclear in previous books. However, in this installment there are finally some answers as to what it’s all about. Which is a big plus. The actual action, though, is still non-existent. Despite the CSG team being some sort of supernatural bad-ass agents, the discovery and details of the plot is told entirely through conversations and speculations that are confirmed by off-page investigations. That’s a bit of an unconventional way of writing, with no on-page action, but the humour more than makes up for that.

So, I strongly recommend this book (and series). It’s super funny, and it will definitely be one of my re-reads.

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