M/M,  Romance

Inside Affair by Ella Frank

Inside Affair is Ella Frank’s latest release and the first in a trilogy called the Prime Time series.

And I have to say, Frank sure knows her way around real, fine MM romance writing.

This story follows the news anchor Alexander – Xander – Thorne, and detective Sean Bailey. Xander is targeted by a stalker and needs a bodyguard pronto. He hires Sean who is his ex’s and best friend’s brother, but also a frenemy of sorts. As not to tip off Xander’s stalker, Sean goes undercover as Xander’s new boyfriend. But, Xander and Sean has never seen eye to eye and no way can a straight guy manage to pull off the gay boyfriend act. However, after a while, the act starts to feel real.

I enjoyed Inside Affair soooo much. But I don’t know if I can pinpoint why. It was one of those reads where you feel at home right away. From the first page, the characters, the backdrop, the plot, the whole ambience, just everything, sucked me in. I loved both Sean and Xander. Despite only getting hints of their backstory, they had me instantly intrigued and left me wanting more.

This is also a complete teaser read.

It’s short AF and ends on a cliff-hanger. I knew going in that it was the first in a series, so I knew I wouldn’t get full closure at the end. But still. I thought there would at least be some sort of semi-closure. And hot, hot lovin’. But I got none of those things. I’m not sure Inside Affair could really be defined as a slow-burn romance. Xander’s and Sean’s attraction is too fast for that and there’s lots of innuendo, teasing and starts and stops as they begin to explore that attraction. But it is absolutely slow going where romance is concerned. It’s a bit like those really cheesy soap-operas where there’s always a break just when something dramatic happens. And then, once the break is over, all the tension’s gone and a new build up starts. Inside Affair is just like that. And I still loved it. It’s perplexing really.

I should be irritated because this read left me feeling so un-fulfilled. But that’s just because I need to have the rest of the story. Right now! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until July for that. But damn, it was good. You should read it!


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