4-star,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Shifter

King & Queen (RELIC #3) by Maz Maddox

Release date: May 21st

This was such a delightful read! Without a doubt the best RELIC so far. It had everything.

Fun, engaging characters? Check.

Fast paced action involving fossil thieves and dino-nappers? Check.

Quirkiness galore, drag queens, and filthy shenanigans? Check, check, and check.

Synopsis: As a member of RELIC, Royal the dinosaur shifter is sent to check out a new fossil excavation, in the event of a new shifter being awakened from hibernation. Blaise is visiting the site for entirely different reasons involving a camera and a live stream. Neither of them expected to stumble upon fossil thieves. Or being chased by an angry Giganotosaurus. It must be fate.

Blaise and Royal are both charming, each in their own way. It would be impossible not to adore Blaise and his dumpster fire of a life. He’s small, he’s feisty and wields a tire iron like a badass. Royal is more laid back and a bit of a reluctant hero. He’d rather stay at home behind his computer screens than go gallivanting off chasing bad guys. But he is so sweet to Blaise it’s almost diabetic. In a good way.

I thought King & Queen kept a much more even pace throughout compared to the previous Sink or Swim. It’s a fast paced read, but even though there are sections with less action, there’s not a boring moment in the story. Also, there’s (finally) a plot that appears to be of the more long-term variety, which is something I’ve been missing in the previous two installments.

I liked both Royal and Blaise very much. But I looooved their drag personas even more. So if I could wish for just one thing, it would be for more drag for the people… I mean, for the readers. Sure, the entire story is all about entertainment and easy-going fun, but the sparkly drag-queen chapters were somehow more. More glitter (obviously), more happiness and inclusion, and even more dinosaurs.

So, this is a fabulous, whimsical story. 4.5 stars. Highly recommend!

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