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Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

Wow. So this was a ridiculously cute story. And it was amazing! The downside is of course its terrible influence on my diet. All the delicious baked goods described in this read gave me a serious sweet tooth. All I wanted to do while reading was to eat cupcakes – and also, open up my own cupcake-shop.

Kiss My Cupcake is the very best if you’re looking for a cute, feel-good, rom-com. There’s absolutely nothing to gripe about – which makes writing a review pretty darn difficult. I can absolutely gush when the occasion calls for it, but it’s also kind of boring to read overly gush-y reviews. Therefore I’ll simply say this once: Kiss My Cupcake is super awesome.

Synopsis: Blaire, the heroine of the story, has worked her ass off to open up her own Cupcake shop. However, the owner of the bar next to her shop seems intent on ruining her efforts. Not only is his renovations rattling the walls of her shop, but he’s also trying to steal her thunder on the day of her grand opening. Also, that he’s like a ridiculously hot, tattooed lumberjack doesn’t help things either. But the barely civil competition between Blaire and Ronan the lumberjack evolves into something more. Maybe Ronan isn’t such an ass after all.

I fell head over heels in love with this book. The story-setting, the whole vibe of the story was just so delightful. You know, it’s the kind of read where you just want to move into the book and stay there. Blaire was insta-likable. She’s driven and strong, but silly and quirky too. Ronan was also great, but since the first chapters are told from Blaire’s point of view, Ronan takes a bit more time to get to know and love. So the story is told through dual POV’s, but about two thirds are Blaire’s viewpoint.

This is a funny read as well. There’s banter and wit and you can’t can’t laugh. Also, the euphemisms are pure gold. Now, I doubt I’ll ever actually say anything out loud about riding a metaphorical bologna pony, but you can bet I’ll be thinking it.

It’s not easy to pinpoint exactly what made this story such a winner because there are so many things that I liked about it. The writing is top-notch (but that pretty much goes without saying) and I was sucked into the story from page one. Blaire’s and Ronan’s interactions are just so fun. And frustrating. And the sexual tension is through the roof. They had me really invested and I couldn’t but the book down.

There was a part, maybe 75% into the book, where the story lost a bit of steam. That would be after Blaire and Ronan get it on and there doesn’t appear to be any more hurdles to overcome. So for a few chapters there weren’t really a direction to the story. But that changed quickly and I was all in once again.

And really. Kiss My Cupcake is the kind of story where I just wanted to keep on reading. I wanted Blaire’s and Ronan’s happily ever after and I wanted to read about them having a bunch of cute babies and a dog. That’s the level of engaging this book was.

So this book left me feeling all the warm fuzzies – while also providing me with completely inappropriate sayings about mounting metaphorical sausage equines. I highly recommend it!


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