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Kríe Captivity (Nira Chronicles #1) by Kora Knight

This book belongs to the dicked-out-by-an-alien genre. The M/M edition. And call me kinky, but it was actually pretty entertaining.

Blurb: A team of scientists crash on an alien planet they’re sent to investigate. Apparently without knowing the place is teeming with intelligent lifeforms. They’re quickly captured by some big-ass, purple aliens. Highly sexual ones. The mostly straight team of humans aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the aliens’ advances. But after luring the humans into eating some sort of alien viagra-fruit, well, things heat up.

Obviously, this is not a book meant for everyone. But it works for open-minded people who enjoy Sci-Fi and supernatural reads. And also like to read about dick. There’s soooo much dick in this book it’s a bit unreal.

I liked the general world-building in Kríe Captivity. But then, I’m a total Sci-Fi fan, so I’ll take an alien society any day. Unfortunately, since the focus of this story is on the carnal activity, the descriptions of the alien world are kept at a very superficial level. For example, there are quite a few highly evolved species on the planet, but only the Kríe species is depicted in any detail.

I’m not sure how to properly describe the dicking going on in this book. But since it’s so central to the story, I need to give it a try. It’s safe to say that said dicking didn’t exactly appeal to me. There’s no non-con, so that was good. But apart from that, the sexytimes were one part blueballs and one part weird and uncomfortable. But I don’t judge. I’m sure there are plenty of people who enjoy reading about bondage, orgies, all sort of things stuffed into orifices and consumption of bodily fluids.

There were a few odd things about Kríe Captivity though. First of all, the choice of POV was a bit strange. The entire story – apart from the first chapter – was told from the POV of the team leader, Alec. But it’s one of the other guys who actually falls in love with an alien. Sort of. So, personally, I would have preferred Noah, the scientist who falls for the alien Gesh, to be the narrator of the story. Then there was the first chapter. It features a whole other team of humans, a rescue team come to help the ones who crashed. But they’re only ever mentioned in the beginning of the book and then forgotten. On the other hand, since this is a cliff-hanger, they’ll probably return in the sequel. But the cliff-hanger got me quite irritated. Because there’s not even a hint of a partial closure in the end of Kríe Captivity. So unless you’re planning on reading the entire series – don’t start this book!

All in all, this was entertaining as hell. Not particularly sexy, but still a fun read in a wholly inappropriate way.


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