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Let there be light by A. M. Johnson

Let there be light is more than a story of first love. So much more. It’s overwhelming, devastating and beautifully poetic. There’s so much emotion. Darkness and light.

Let there be light is the story about two college students, Royal and Camden, and the slow unfolding of their relationship. Royal is an easy-going, swim scholarship student. Camden is a fiercly talented pianist, who – as a coping mechanism – keeps himself emotionally disconnected from the world. These two polar opposites meet by chance and just like magnets, they’re drawn to each other. But Royal has never been attracted to a guy before, and Camden has kept himself apart, living in his own head, for so long that he’s afraid of letting somebody see his true self.

This is a slow-pacing, emotional and delicate love story. Johnson’s writing is exquisite. There’s an ethereal sense of sadness that carries through the entire novel. But there’s hope and beauty and vivid colour too. Let there be light is a coming of age story. It’s about self-discovery and courage. I can’t recommend this book enough. Johnson isn’t merely an author, she’s an artist using words instead of paint, charcoal or clay.

This is the first book I’ve read by A. M. Johnson, and I’m in awe of her talent. I will definitely read more of her work and I’m especially keen on reading the sequel called Seven shades of you which is the story of Royal’s twin sister Indigo.


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