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Lord Garrington’s Vessel by S. Rodman

This is one juicy read!
It’s the MM equivalent of an old fashioned bodice ripper, and it’s delightfully clichéd and smutty.
I loved it!

It’s a story set in an alternate reality. It’s 2022, but there’s a secret world of magic embedded in our regular, “mundane”, society. Fen has been raised in boarding schools with no actual contact with his noble family, the Garringtons. He knows nothing of magic and is totally unprepared when his brother Xander snatches him back to the Garrington estate to be auctioned off in an arranged marriage.
But Fen is beautiful, and the attraction between him and Xander is intense. When Xander, who is a mage, turns out to not actually be Fen’s brother, they jump into bed. Or rather, Fen gets bent over a desk.

That’s when the fun starts. Fen turns out to be a “vessel”, a human magic collector of sorts. One who – after having had sex for the first time – must be shagged on the reg by a mage. Unless he wants to implode. Or explode. Whatever it was, it would be bad.
So Fen and Xander find themselves in a bit of a predicament. Fen needs regular sex. Xander who’s officially Fen’s brother was the one who turned Fen’s vessel status on. Now Fen needs ’emptying’, but there’s really no one acceptable to provide that service. So Xander keeps banging Fen while also looking for a mage/spouse to foist Fen off to. Only, they both sort of catch feelings along the way.

Deliciously juicy indeed.
Now. The read is short which limits everything from world building to character development. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. The story itself is everything. And I’m willing to overlook a whole bunch of stuff as long as the entertainment value is high. Still though, I think Rodman did a great job writing. They kept the story together nicely, much more so than in their earlier books.

So I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick smut fix with a HEA.

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