4-star,  F/M,  Romance,  Suspense,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

Loverboy (The Company #2) by Sarina Bowen

Release date: December 1st


Loverboy is a fun, easy-going romance that gave me the worst cravings for pies. The story is set, in part, in a pie-shop and there are way too many savory descriptions of pies in there. I mean, what the hell, Bowen! Like 2020 hasn’t been bad enough for peoples waistlines already! 😉

No, but seriously. There’s something so very appealing about books with lots of pastries in them, it just makes the whole story all the more homey and welcoming somehow.

Anyway. So to the actual story; There’s Posy, pie-shop owner extraordinaire, recently divorced (from a complete tool) and struggling to find some good, reliable staff for her shop. Then there’s Gunnar, the beefcake who goes undercover as a barista at Posy’s shop in order catch a murderer, among other things. Only Gunnar and Posy have history, and even though they have unresolved differences, and Gunnar is there under false pretenses and has sworn to focus on the job, the spark from years earlier is still there. But the killer keeps eluding Gunnar and his team, and someone appears to be out to destroy Posy’s pie-shop. And Gunnar just can’t keep it from getting personal anymore.

This is a through-and-through cute read with all the right ingredients. There’s Posy’s and Gunnar’s banter and teasing. There’s sexual tension. There’s the race against time to catch the murderer. And then there’s that extra of Posy’s ex-husband’s new fling who had me awfully riled up. How I despised that woman. Anyway. There’s hot sexytimes and even some real action in the end (and by action I’m actually referring to the non-sexual kind).

As a Swede, it took me a while to get used to Gunnar’s name. In Swedish, Gunnar is an old man’s name and I had trouble reconciling it with someone being hot and stacked. But it got better when I started using the English pronunciation. However, I sure would have liked to know the story behind the name. He grew up in NY after all, and had – as far as I could tell – American parents. So why Gunnar?

Loverboy is a fun read. I especially loved how Posy kept having conversations with her hormones. That was absolutely hilarious. And I just liked this story a whole lot. My new favourite romance sub-genre is without a doubt the suspense-y kind. It’s awesome to get all the romance and all the feels combined with some nail-biting.

However, there were two things about the plot that didn’t really make sense to me. First, there’s the tattoo. I won’t go into details because, spoiler! But that seemed really off considering The Company is a top-notch, high-tech security company. And it was a security risk, obviously.

Second, I didn’t buy the reason for Gunnar having to go undercover as a barista. It’s cute, It makes for a really good story, and Gunnar learning how to make coffee was hilarious, but the reasoning didn’t actually hold up. And since that was pretty much the cornerstone of the story, it did unfortunately affect my overall grade of the book.

It’s still a solid 4-star though. Because Loverboy has all the romance and cuteness you could possibly want and Bowen is a brilliant writer. And now I’m just hoping that the third book in The Company series will be Max’s and Scout’s story.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).