4-star,  Delicious smut,  Entertaining,  F/M,  Suspense

Moonlighter by Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen’s newest release, Moonlighter, will be available October 22nd and is a true page-turner. Bowen always writes the very highest quality of witty romance, but with Moonlighter she’s introduced an element of suspense that took the reading experience to an even higher level. It’s simply awesome. It has it all. Romance. Delicious smut. Endearing characters. And humour. Because Moonlighter is hilarious.

Moonlighter is a part of a new series, The Company, but also works as a segue from her Brooklyn Bruisers series, since the male main character is a BB hockey player. As all of her novels, Moonlighter can be read as a stand-alone, but it’ll be so much more fun if you’ve read the earlier installments.

The story is about Alex Engels – kickass CEO of a multi million dollar cable company – and Eric Bayer – grumpy forward for the Brooklyn Bruisers. Alex and Eric are childhood friends but haven’t met since. However, when Alex’s safety is at risk, Eric is roped into posing as her boyfriend and accompanying her to a tech conference in Hawaii. And as it turns out that their chemistry is off the charts, they just can’t help to act upon it. But to Alex, it’s just a fling which she is adamant to end as soon as they’re back in NY. But Eric won’t be deterred so easily, and as the threats to Alex’s safety increases, Eric is determined to not only keep her safe but to win her back.

I loved this read. I loved Alex and Eric, their dynamic, their banter, their really freaking hot encounters. The shenanigans going on in this novel is absolutely on my top-ten fictional sexytime list of the year. Not that I have such a list. Officially.

I devoured this book. It sucked my right in and wouldn’t let me go until it spit my out – exhausted and with a tremendous book hangover – at the end. I don’t honestly know how I will survive the time until the second The Company book is released.

Suspense isn’t at all my genre of choice. And I’m unsure whether Moonlighter qualifies to be labelled romantic suspense, but the suspense angle of the story was fabulous. It didn’t detract one bit from the love story or the humour. It only made the story better which was a marvelous surprise to me.

Bowen’s writing is always spot-on. Her stories are always awesome. But there was just something extra about Moonlighter. It was probably the characters. I don’t get how she always manages to create the most lovable characters but still make them unique, but she does. And I’d say that Eric Bayer is probably my new favourite book boyfriend. And that’s saying something because I have a lot of those.


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