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Not All Himbos Wear Capes by C. Rochelle

This was such a delightful morsel of yummy I don’t know quite where to begin.

It’s a quirky, naughty, and way too cute for words. Because even with all the supernaturals fighting (and occasionally murdering), and all the lightweight kink going on, it’s mostly an adorable story of enemies falling in love. In the most unlikely and over-the-top way possible.

And I freakin’ love it.

Not All Himbos Wear Capes is an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, villain-nails-a-hero-yes-in-the-fun-way kind of story.

And it’s to die for.

Synopsis: Xander is a villain. He’s grumpy as all get out and he’s particularly pissed at Captain Masculine, the city’s superhero who keeps disturbing his plans and his work. Masculine is hot AF in Lycra though, so that’s annoying.

Butch is the golden boy of Big City, but being a superhero is tiring, and constantly putting everybody else’s wishes and wants before his own might be the hero way but he just wants a break.

Enter Bangers, the perfect hook-up app for normies. No better way to blow off steam, right? Neither Xander or Butch expected to meet the perfect guy – too bad that supernaturals and normies aren’t allowed to be together…

I fell in love with these guys. That’s the only way to describe it. (Alright, I might have fallen harder for Xander, but you will too if you give this story a shot).

The way they were together was perfection. I believed their instant attraction. I felt how they clicked and found someone they could actually be themselves with.

The story is written as dual POV, and alternating between each of their perspectives, and with neither of them knowing the real identity of the other, it was bloody amazing. I’m in awe of how Rochelle managed to create such a perfect couple and make their mutual obsession feel completely organic and natural.

Also, there’s lots of spice in this book. And I can’t say I’m that keen on either the D/s tendencies, the use of the word Daddy, or the one-time-only boot-licking. But the amazing part is that it was still incredibly hot because Rochelle managed to convey how incredibly hot Xan and Butch were for each other. And that pretty much sums up this entire story. Rochelle really made me feel these guys.

Xander and Butch need to overcome a whole lot of obstacles on their road to their happily ever after. Besides the minor detail of them both thinking they’re dating a normie, there’s the issue of Xander’s unhinged, villainous family, Butch’s parents set on marrying him off to a suitable heroine, and Butch’s life-time contract of service to the city. Meaning there’s not a dull moment to this story.

That being said. It’s not a book for everyone. Not counting the man-on-man aspect of the story, it is in fact a completely ridiculous (read wonderful) universe with superheroes and villains left and right, each wielding a different paranormal power. So you need humour and an open mind to appreciate this silly and beautiful story.

This is easily 5 stars. Not in the profound, soon-to-be a Nobel Prize winner kind of way, but in how happy it made me feel.

Highly recommend.

And of course I’ve already pre-ordered the next in the series. The story of Xander’s crazy brother Wolfgang. Too bad it’s not estimated to be released until September.


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