4-star,  Entertaining,  M/M,  Paranormal

One Bite With A Vampire (A Hidden Species Novel) by Louisa Masters

Release Date: January 14th

One Bite With A Vampire is an M/M, supernatural, contemporary rom-com.

And this story has all the humour and all the laughs. Just like I expected after the amazing and hilarious start of the series, Demons Do It Better. It’s totally inappropriate and probably juvenile, but who doesn’t laugh at jokes about balls? Seriously!

Synopsis: This is the story about Noah, the (human) guy who got saved from the crazy scientists at the end of DDIB. And about Andrew the ancient – but still smoking hot – vampire. Noah’s been through a lot, suffers from PTSD and is terrified of loosing control or letting anybody close. He’s gotten a job at CSG and Andrew loves nothing better than to irritate the hell out of him. Noah’s convinced he actually hates Andrew, but when a threat forces Noah to move in with Andrew, and the two spend more time together, things change.

This is a fun read. It’s charming and quirky and the characters are all basically man-children with the best sense of humour. There are jokes about wangs and jerking off. And the scene where Noah googles hate-fucking while at work, that’s comic gold.

I love Masters’ writing style and her fabulous humour. She manages to write a love story, throw in a side of action along with the long-term evil-scientist-plot, and then she tops it all off with hilarity AND steam. It’s quite wonderful.

Oh my god, I want to fuck a vampire. Who’s hundreds of years older than me. My life has become one of those teen movies the girls at my high school used to get weird over. All that’s left for me is to get all dramatic and introspect–

Like I’m being right now. Fuck. My. Life. I’m a teenybopper vampire lover.”

So yes. This book was an absolute joy to read.

However, it didn’t quite reach the same level of awesomeness as DDIB.

Noah wasn’t as easy to love as Sam was. He had a pricklier personality and was generally way more reserved. It wasn’t insta-love of him from my side. And not of Andrew either. It simply took longer for me to connect to the MCs as opposed to my immediate infatuation with Sam and Gideon.

Also, the story was very unevenly paced. For a good long while, the focus is solely on Noah’s training. And there are quite a few long-winded explanations and discussions concerning the history of the species and history of magic. And those didn’t really add anything in my opinion.

I would have liked those chapters being used on more world-building instead, and getting to know more about SCG and the different species working there.

Not that it matters. It’s a super fun read and I can’t wait for the third book, Hijinks With A Hellhound, which will feature Alistair and Aiden. 4,5 stars!

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