Delicious smut,  M/M,  Romance

Popstar by Eden Finley

Coming April 8

This was a very hard review for me to write. Not because I didn’t love this story, because I did. Eden Finley is one of my absolute favourite romance writers and I devour everything she publishes. But Popstar had me realizing something about myself that I would have liked not to acknowledge. So basically, this review might get a bit more personal than your average book-review.

But first, the story-line.

The main characters are Harley – ex boyband-member come ( 😉 ) solo-artist, and Brix – Harley’s newly appointed, and very hunky, bodyguard who’s not particularly enthusiastic to babysit a spoiled celebrity.

However, Harley isn’t at all the spoiled diva Brix expected. And Harley, who was forced to up security after the break-in by a stalker fan, is intensely attracted to his new employee. However, there’s more between the two guys than sizzling chemistry. Brix makes Harley see beyond the restrictions set up by his record label, and Harley is the incentive Brix needs to take a leap of faith and let somebody in. But the stalker won’t let up threatening not only Brix’s and Harley’s budding relationship, but also Harley’s life.

Popstar is fluff at its very best. It’s low-angst romance with just enough serious undertones to make it interesting. And then there’s the smut on top of that to appease the appetites of us M/M-story lovers. And this kind of positive, feel-good romance is exactly what the world needs right now with the major pandemic going on.

Now to the reason I had trouble with this read.

So. I’m a hetero woman who loves to read about men. Men are great. Men are sexy. And most of all. Men have dicks. So I like reading M/M stories. I mean – double the dick! Also, one of my favourite tropes are forbidden love and, let’s get real, this day in age it’s difficult to find convincing, forbidden F/M romances. We do simply not live in a time of rivaling families anymore. Therefore, to me, M/M is the best genre because it combines D with the stigma of being gay.

I consider myself to be very open-minded. Two consenting adults should be able to love each other without being attacked, ostracized or persecuted. But reading Popstar, I realized I’m very much stuck in my hetero bubble. Because I couldn’t quite appreciate the smutty parts where (excuse my graphic language and also: Minor spoiler alert!!) the big, muscle-y bodyguard is the one getting f*cked by the smaller, less alpha-male, popstar. And how sad is that!?! As usual, Finley’s nudy-scene writing is top notch, but I kept thinking how much hotter it would be if it was Brix doing the f*cking. Admitting to myself that I’m stuck in the mindset that the physically bigger partner should be the one doing the sticking was not pleasant. Discovering I’m way less open-minded than I thought was almost painful.

So you see, this read was an eye-opener for me. And even if the fact that I personally couldn’t really enjoy some of the naked shenanigans happening, which in itself should bring down my rating of Popstar to 4 stars, I still give it 5 stars because of the insight it brought me.

In conclusion, sorry for the personal twist to this review. But Popstar really had me challenging my own perception of things and I just had to share that. Putting that aside though, this is an awesome romance and a great start of the new Famous series. I’m yet undecided if Finley can top her previous Fake boyfriend series, but I’m determined to find out!


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).