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Sagittarius Saves Libra (Signs of Love #6) by Anyta Sunday

Expected publication date: June 1st 2022

This read was a delight!
Cute, low-angst, and with an adorably oblivious MC.

The story was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know it. Usually I’m not one for too sweet, slow-burn romances, but Sagittarius Saves Libra just made me so darn happy, and I can’t recommend it enough.

This is an honest-to-god twin-swap story. And it’s wonderful.
Jason is asked by his identical twin brother to switch places with him for a few weeks, and soon Jason is off to Australian small-town life. He’s doing it as a favour to his brother, but it’s actually for himself as well. Jason needs to get away, try something new. His ex girlfriend just got engaged, and he needs a distraction. And it shouldn’t be too hard to fake his way though a few weeks right? Only he hadn’t anticipated his new police neighbour, the big and solid Sergeant Owen to be such a distraction. Owen is way too perceptive, and he makes Jason feel unexpected things. Easy turns complicated pretty fast.

The story is told exclusively from Jason’s viewpoint. And he’s the most adorable, klutz ever. Well, maybe klutz isn’t the right word. He’s an accomplished concert pianist after all. But he can’t lie to save his life, he’s awkward as all get out, and apparently talks a lot when he’s nervous. And his rambling tends to turn unintentionally homo-erotic when Owen is around. It’s hilarious.
I snort-laughed throughout the whole book.

This story just felt so wholesome to me. And I was still swept away and completely enthralled. There were no bad guys and no (completely) unbelievable drama to spice things up. It felt real, even if Jason’s antics were a bit over-the-top. But it all just fit. It was about Jason and Owen, them getting to know each other under unusual circumstances, about unexpected beginnings and found family.
A happy-read indeed.

The only thing I’d remark upon would be that it wasn’t always immediately obvious who said what during Jason’s and Owen’s verbal sparring. On several occasions I had to re-read the dialogue to make sure I understood it correctly. But that could also just be me not being a native English speaker. Apart from that, my only objection is the cover picture. It’s a cute guy, sure. But he doesn’t fit either of Jason’s or Owen’s descriptions, so who is he?

Anyta Sunday is a new author to me, and I jumped right into this book, the sixth in a series. Now, that didn’t matter at all as it’s a stand-alone. But since I don’t know about the previous books, I don’t know what to expect from the (hopefully) next book in the series, which makes me anxious. I would love to read about Alex, Owen’s nephew, but maybe that’s not how Sunday’s universe works. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed. And also read the first five books in the series. I bought Leo Loves Aries immediately after finishing Sagittarius and I’m counting on it being just as cute and wonderful.

5 stars. Highly recommend!

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