4-star,  M/M,  Suspense

Shiloh’s Secret (Out in Austin #2) by K.D. Ellis

Release Date: November 16th

I was surprised and delighted by this story. I was expecting something cliché and juicy – which is both what I got and what I wanted – but I wasn’t expecting the high quality writing or the well developed storyline. So, win!

Synopsis: Shiloh is the spoiled, wild-child of a corporate big-wig that Gage Tucker – retired army vet and personal security officer – is assigned to protect against a stalker. Only, the Shiloh that Gage gets to know isn’t at all how the tabloids portray him. There’s a depth to him that isn’t instantly obvious what with his pink hair and makeup. And as Shiloh’s stalker escalates his pursuit, Gage comes to realize that there might be another threat to Shiloh, a threat closer to home.

This is without a doubt a cheesy story. There’s no way around that. But it’s a good kind of cheesy that manages to keep from tipping over to silly. And the major reason for that is the care with which Ellis constructed the plot, and the multiple twists of the story. Sure, the supporting characters might be stereotypes, but that doesn’t really take away from the enjoyment of the read. The build-up and gradual reveal of facts about Shiloh and his circumstances were perfectly executed. Yes, one may argue that Shiloh’s inability to disclose his “secret” and save himself is a bit far fetched. He is an adult after all, and should perhaps have been able to break free of the fears he felt as a young teen. But regardless, I enjoyed this book a whole lot.

Both Shiloh and Gage are pretty well rounded characters. But I found it much easier to connect to Shiloh, since he is the more emotional one of the two. Gage on the other hand is, not staid exactly, but definitely steady and stable. Shiloh’s saviour, literally and figuratively.

However, despite them complementing each other on paper, the chemistry was a bit lacking. Because descriptions of how hot they find the other isn’t enough to build actual sexual tension. Luckily, the plot development compensated for the missing sizzle, and I was utterly engaged in the story to the very end.

So a well-deserved 3.5 that I round up to 4 stars is my final rating.

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