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Sorcerers Always Satisfy (Hidden Species #4) by Louisa Masters

Release Date: June 3rd

I’m so conflicted right now. And I have sooo many feelings.

This is the last book in the series, meaning I have some grieving to get through. But there’s also some what-the-eff-happeneds that I need to come to terms with. Fortunately, there will be a spin-off. Which is a good thing. Apart from Percy’s story, I need Dustin’s. So bad.

Synopsis: This is David’s story. The sorcerer who’s always kept to the background in the previous Hidden Species books. And it’s Caolan’s story, the elf who appeared from another dimension at the end of book 3. Caolan is immediately smitten with David, but David has a hard time accepting that Caolan’s interest is genuine, nevermind acknowledging his own feelings. He doesn’t have time for a relationship anyway. The bad guys are intent on killing the magic and taking over the world, and apart from stopping them, there’s also the small job of saving the remaining elves and dragons from certain death. So a relationship is out, but, maybe there’s time for sex? 

This series has been quite the ride. What I’ve enjoyed the most is Masters’ humour and just in general the Hidden Species universe. And this last installment really killed it with the added elf and dragon experience. However, the humour was more toned-down this time around. I guess there’s a reason for that, though.

David is ever the serious one. Always so conscientious and trying to counter-balance the rest of the (crazy) team. And Caolan is the most earnest of characters, without a drop of snark in his entire body. So yeah, there’s less sass between the two to of them than would fit into Sam’s pinkie nail.

I must confess. Up until this book, David was somewhat of a non-entity to me. He was there in the background, always dependable, but really quite… bland. So, getting to know him in this read, and see behind the facade was awesome. He was so much more than what I imagined. Badass and tortured soul combined. Caolan was mostly cool because of his alien-ness. And because he loved David so deeply. So I loved him for David despite his personality not standing out that much.

As has been the case throughout the previous books, most action happens off-page (It’s a bit frustrating even if I’m sort of used to it by now. But it’s such a distinct feature of these books, it’s worth mentioning again). The focus is almost exclusively on personal interactions where the events propelling the plot forward are mostly re-tellings. However, there is a big show-down with Tish and Éibhear at the end of this book, which was great! I have waited forever so see our heroes in action. So I loved that.

But, there was more to the ending than a big fight. Way more. And now, a day after I finished the book, I’m still not entirely certain what to think about it. The wrap-up of the magic-killing plot was extremely neat and tidy (too tidy?), but I’m nowhere near done with this universe. I need so much more. I mean, there are dragons now! Dragons that seem like hellhounds times a thousand (Awesome!). Obviously Masters owes it to all readers to give us more of the dragons. Imagine a hell-hound and dragon pairing. Talk about a match made in heaven! So, I’ll just say it again; Thank God there will be a spin-off because I can hardly wait!

In short. Love the universe. Love the characters. Sorcerers Always Satisfy didn’t reach quite the laugh level of Sam’s or Alistair’s books (they are still my favourites) but I’m totally invested in this world now. And I can’t wait the get my hands on Percy’s book.

4 strong stars!

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