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Sticking to the Script by Stella Weaver

Sticking to the Script, by Stella Weaver, is a fabulous read. Fabulous. Marvelous. I might be slightly in love with it.

Sticking to the Script is the second installment in the Cipher Office series. The series is a part of the Smartypants Romance collection, books within the same fictional universe that are written by different authors.

It’s the story about Steven who’s had the worst luck in men. He’s all but given up on ever meeting the one and has decided to take a break from all things dick. Then there’s Ken who, in an concerted effort to become more social, puts himself out there and starts to pursue Steven despite his own insecurities. Only Steven thinks Ken is straight and just wants to be friends. The two are endearingly oblivious and when they finally get on the same page, there’s more trouble in the form of a stalker.

This story has so much going for it, it’s hard to know where to start.

First, the story-line. There are just so many different angles in there. The main story is of course the out-of-sync relationship between Steven and Ken. It’s heart-warming, frustrating and downright nerve-wrecking to read about. With a spectacular HEA. I came away with all the warm fuzzies imaginable. But there are so many side-stories that are just as intriguing. Steven’s stalker and his strained relation with his grumpy boss. The prejudice Ken has to deal with because of his sexuality and his family’s reaction to his love for Steven.

Then, it’s the characters. They’re so lovable. Funny. Quirky. Imperfect. Steven is super funny and sweet but always deflecting and downplaying to hide his own insecurities and hurt. Always looking out for everyone else but afraid to let someone see the real him. Then there’s Ken. The model-perfect Doctor hiding his tender heart and warm personality behind a facade. Always coming off as arrogant and rude when in reality he’s mostly just socially awkward and unsure. Both Steven and Ken are just so real. It’s beautiful writing and beautiful character development. And there are so many supporting characters to fall in love with too. I know I will buy more books about the Cipher world because I need to get their stories too. Elizabeth and Nico, Kat and Dan, Quinn and Janie.

The story-telling is really impressive. The way all the different threads of the story is weaved together is bloody talented. It was entirely engrossing, all the the time. There wasn’t a single part of the book that had me bored or wanting to skip forward. I was caught in each single moment, just along for the ride that Weaver so expertly conjured.

This is great romance. Great entertainment. Great everything. Read it.


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