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    Blitzed (Rules of Possession #3) by S.E. Harmon

    Estimated Release Date: November 1st, 2022 I’ve waited for this story in what feels like forever. The BlueprintĀ andĀ A Deeper BlueĀ were among the first M/M stories I ever read, and they remain at the top of my all time favourite romance novel list. Now,Ā BlitzedĀ isn’t about Kelly and BlueĀ (even if they do make a few appearances)Ā but about Andrew McAdams – Blue’s sort of but not quite arch nemesis. And it’s awesome. It doesn’t reach the same laugh-and-snort level as the first two instalments. Andrew’s more mature than Blue, and Jesse isn’t even near as snarky as Kelly, butĀ BlitzedĀ still has that same Harmon vibe that I adore.Ā A glorious blend of immature humour, sarcasm…

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