• M/M,  Romance

    Breaking News (Prime Time #2) by Ella Frank

    This was not the sequel to Inside Affair that I expected. Breaking News‘ disparity to its prequel was in fact rather striking. Synopsis: This is writing describing Sean and Xander from Inside Affair. That’s it really. It all started out alright with the aftermath of the dramatic events that concluded Inside Affair (which was a horrible cliff-hanger, just FYI). It was just enough of angst and worry, combined with the fact that Xander and Sean, who just started getting serious, still weren’t out as a couple to their family and friends. The way Xander cared for Sean was cute and I thought it was a nice segue into them getting…

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  • M/M,  Romance

    Inside Affair by Ella Frank

    Inside Affair is Ella Frank’s latest release and the first in a trilogy called the Prime Time series. And I have to say, Frank sure knows her way around real, fine MM romance writing. This story follows the news anchor Alexander – Xander – Thorne, and detective Sean Bailey. Xander is targeted by a stalker and needs a bodyguard pronto. He hires Sean who is his ex’s and best friend’s brother, but also a frenemy of sorts. As not to tip off Xander’s stalker, Sean goes undercover as Xander’s new boyfriend. But, Xander and Sean has never seen eye to eye and no way can a straight guy manage to…