• 4-star,  Entertaining,  F/M

    Darcy comes first (for a change) by Lilliana Anderson

    This is a Great read. With a captial G. It’s about 40-year old Darcy who is abandoned by her husband of 20 years, tricked out of her home and totally destitute, and her struggle to start a new life for herself and her two kids. It doesn’t sound particularly romantic, but it is. Only a more realistic and mature romance where attraction and love aren’t the only ingredients needed for a happily ever after. Darcy ends up taking her kids to live at her Nana’s nice, but small, beach condo, forcing her 8-year old and sullen 14-year old to share a room. Darcy – while heartbroken and betrayed – tries…

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  • 4-star,  Entertaining,  F/M

    Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

    Wallbanger is a feel-good romance that has all the ingredients. It’s a story about Caroline, an interior designer (not a decorator dammit!), that when moving into a new appartment, discovers that she can hear way more of her next door neighbour’s nightly activities than she bargained for. Not only does the incessant banging on the other side of the thin wall disrupt her sleep, but her cat goes bananas as well. As it turns out, the rude, wallbanging, womanpleasing (yes, Caroline can definitely hear how satisfied the different women on the other side of her bedroom wall are) guy that is her neighbour is also hot hot hot. When she…