• 4-star,  Delicious smut,  F/M,  Romance

    Boss in the Bedsheets by Kate Canterbary

    Coming June 26th Boss in the Bedsheets is the story about Zelda – the fixer of everybody elses messes – and Ash – an overworked, micromanaging perfectionist who really needs his mess fixed. Zelda is running away from her old life. She’s determined to start over, make better choices and put herself first for once. On her getaway flight she ends up sitting next to Ash Santillian, an extraordinarliy hot and stressed out accountant who also happens to be a recipient of one of Zelda’s hastily sent out job applications. However, making better choices doesn’t include persuading Ash to hire her and then shack up with her new boss. Both…

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  • 4-star,  Delicious smut,  M/M,  Romance

    Missing In Action by Kate Canterbary

    Coming March 30! Missing In Action is a beautiful M/M romance by one of my favourite authors. It’s the love-story of Wes and Tom who are both part of the fabulous Walsh universe Kate Canterbary has created. This book isn’t technically a part of the Walsh family series, but to fully appreciate Missing In Action you absolutely need the full backstory that the previous books provide. The main characters are two very different men. There’s Wes, a hunky, broody, undercover agent with an affinity to meat-cleavers who also happens to be closeted. At least to his parents. Then there’s Tom. A health obsessed, fashion conscious perfectionist with slight OCD who…

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  • 5-star reads,  Delicious smut,  F/M,  Romance

    The Walshes by Kate Canterbary

    I’ve mostly been re-reading old favourites this holiday. There’s something so very comforting about snuggling up in the couch with a blanket and re-acquainting oneself with familiar characters in guaranteed HEAs. Especially during christmas. So, since I haven’t read anything new in a few weeks, I’ll just recommend one of my favorite re-reads instead. The smut-factor of this series is high – which is basically a must for a re-read if you ask me – and the smut-quality is superb. World-building and character development are outstanding and there’s guaranteed laughter and tears both. The series about The Walshes by Kate Canterbary is a collection of eight books, each focusing on…

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  • 4-star,  F/M,  Romance

    The Magnolia Chronicles by Kate Canterbary

    The full name of this altogether yummy read is The Magnolia Chronicles: Adventures in modern dating. It’s the latest novel from Kate Canterbary, and as always she delivers and then some. As the title suggests, the story is about Magnolia and her, sometimes unfortunate but always hilarious, attempts at meeting The One. With a notoriously bad track record with men, Magnolia is about to give up when her mother makes her promise to give dating a real shot for one full year. And as Magnolia tries to navigate the pitfalls of online dating, she stumbles across, not one but two, drool-worthy guys that both seem to be potential Mr. Rights.…

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