4-star,  Entertaining,  Guilty Pleasure,  M/M,  Paranormal,  Shifter

The Alpha’s Warlock (Mismatched Mates #1) by Eliot Grayson

Fast paced entertainment, reluctant bonding/mating, and altogether juicy. I think that sums upĀ The Alpha’s WarlockĀ pretty well.

Synopsis: Nate‘s a warlock in trouble. He’s managed to get himself kidnapped by werewolves and forcibly, halfway bonded to one of their Alphas as a means to steal his magic. Narrowly escaping, he stumbles over to the neighbouring werewolf pack seeking help before the unfinished bond kills him. Big, grumpy Ian, the Armitage pack’s enforcer steps in to save Nate by the only way they know how – by completing the mating. But Nate’s kidnapping is just a part of a larger plot. A plot that threatens not only Nate’s life but the lives of the entire Armitage pack.Ā 

The best reads, in my opinion, are the ones that deliver what you’re looking for. And this one reallyĀ (I meanĀ really)Ā did. I wanted a quick read with some delicious shifter shenanigans and knotting, but I got so much more than that.

Size difference – yes please and thank you.

Overprotectiveness – Ian’s pretty much the definition of that trait.

Lots of action – Kidnapping, vampires, magic traps, more kidnapping, and fighting werewolf packs. So, yup!

A protagonist getting himself in trouble and being rescued/taken care of by the love interest – Oh yes. Many times.Ā (In all fairness, Nate saves Ian as well so it’s not exactly one-sided). Sure, you could argue that Nate might lose consciousness a few too many times, but I’m personally quite partial to the dynamics of one MC being more vulnerable. But all the fainting aside, Nate is not a damsel in distress, just so you know.

And as the series suggests, the difference between the protagonists.Ā They’re not actually mismatched of course (since they’re perfect for each other), it only appears that way at a first glance.

So yes, this was a great read.
The thing that shaved a star off my rating was the constant misunderstandings, failure to communicate, and general bullheadedness of both Nate and Ian.Ā I mean, assuming thingsĀ (incorrectly)Ā and failing to actually speak to your partner can absolutely be a part of the relationship issues on the way to a happy ending. But it shouldn’t beĀ allĀ the drama. And it very nearly is in this read. There are lots of other things happeningĀ (non-stop action as I said), butĀ in terms of the love/story, both guys have the emotional maturity and communication skills of 12-year olds.

Aside from thatĀ I highly recommend this read!Ā And I was super psyched to see it’s a series. And a long one at that!

4 super strong stars!


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