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The Dragon Experiment (Here Be Dragons #3) by Louisa Masters

Estimated Release Date: April 21st

Cute, quirky, and great fun. That’s my short review of The Dragon Experiment.

This is the adorable story of Fabian, the historian and record keeper of dragon kind, and Rhys, a sorcerer and scientist – who most definitely isn’t prepared for the easily distracted fabulousness that is Fabian. It’s silly and funny. Just what I expect from Masters.

From previous books we learned that Fabian’s two passions are knowledge and sex. And Rhys just so happens to perform research on the effects of sex on community members’ innate abilities. Obviously it’s a match made in heaven.

Without Fabian knowing it, he’s been providing Rhys with Dragon data for years. Because of course he managed to unwittingly sign himself up for a research study. And then, when he finally becomes aware, the fun starts.

Fabian is straight forward and outspoken about everything that interests him (*cough* sex *cough*) and he finds Rhys utterly fascinating. So naturally the shy Rhys doesn’t really know how to handle someone like Fabian, but he does know that he wants to. Handle him in all sorts of ways that is.

To me, the absolute best parts of the story were the comical clashes between Fabian’s guileless honesty and Rhys’ reserved and quiet ways. It’s opposites attract, the extrovert and the introvert. And it’s adoooorable! Fabian views the world with the same curiosity as a child would, and it’s completely endearing. And Rhys reactions to Fabian’s antics are too.

An odd thing about The Dragon Experiment, however, is that even though this is the third book in the series, it appears to be the first one with an over-reaching story arc. Apart from the love story, a larger plot concerning the general magical ability is introduced, and it’s not entirely resolved. So I’m guessing that plot line will continue in the next book.

And that’s honestly something I’ve missed in the Here Be Dragons series, an overall plot. Revealing it in the third book though is …unconventional.

Anyways. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Highly recommend to lovers of silliness and fun. 4 stars!

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