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The Forge trilogy by Meghan March

The Forge trilogy consists of #1 Deal with the Devil, #2 Luck of the Devil and #3 Heart of the Devil.

Meghan March always writes extremely steamy romances and the Forge trilogy is no exception. As always, the story is sizzling, super dirty, absolutely NOT politically correct and entirely engaging.

The story-line is very similar to many of the ones in her previous novels. I guess there are only so many ways you can write about a super sexy, rich and powerful man that just has to have the headstrong beatiful woman in trouble. Of course, they end up together, deliriously happy. But it’s the in between that matters. Even though I may be a tiny bit tired of the mogul setting March seems so fond of, she never disappoints when it comes to creating chemistry between the characters. The heroine of Forge is India Baptiste, tough, gorgeous and a poker-shark to boot. The story starts off by her playing a high-stakes game in order to raise money to pay for her abducted sister’s ransom and being thwarted by billionaire shipping tycoon Jericho Forge. Instead of winning, in an act of desperation, India bets herself and looses. To Jericho.

As always, March’s heroines are super feminine damsels in distress that always needs the hunky manly-man to save them. It’s cheesy and the men couldn’t be more macho if they tried. But March has this uncanny ability to always be able to balance right on the edge of super sexy without tipping over to smarmy or ridiculous.

Another talent March has is her fabulous ability to add twists to her novels. There’s always a little something unexpected and new turns to the story. Which is another reason that the Forge trilogy is a great read despite the overabundance of clichés. This is truly high quality smut, people.

My one main objection to this trilogy is the fact that the story isn’t actually lengthy enough for three separate installments. It should have been a duet at the most. The same thing was also true about the trilogies March published previous to Forge (The Sin trilogy and the Savage trilogy). Both were way more suitable, length-wise, to be published in two parts instead of three. And as a devoted reader, that kind of pisses me off. Sure, I realize that there’s more money in three books than two, but then write fucking longer stories instead of publishing several short installments. It just strikes me as really greedy and insults the readers. Do authors truly believe the readers don’t notice the thin booklet and oversized font?

But to sum things up. Meghan March is super talented and succeeds once again to write naughty, sweaty smut. Forge also contains several twists that keeps the story interesting throughout the series. So if you can see past all the clihés and the super short installments, it’s quite the delicious read.

And P.S. The guy on the cover of Deal with the Devil needs a bigger shirt.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).