4-star,  F/M,  Sweet sweeter sweetest

The Knight Before Christmas by Sierra Hill

Release date: December 8th

The Knight Before Christmas is a super sweet novella for everyone who loves Christmas. Or maybe for those who just needs a little help getting into the holiday mood.

This short story is all about the feel-goods and the magic of Christmas and has a very pronounced fairy-tale vibe.

It’s the story about Ivy, recently divorced and disillusioned, and Anders who has let grief rule his life for years. When Ivy’s car breaks down on Christmas eve, on a snowy mountain, Anders is the one that helps her out. But in the end, they help each other.

So, yes. This is sappy. And excessively sugary. Which is just how a Christmas love-story should be. My one objection is the unprotected sex-thing (yes, there’s nooky!). I’m slightly allergic to stories where the MCs don’t have any reservations about skipping the rubber without giving it a thought before or after. Especially with people they’ve just met. However. This is a Christmas miracle kind of story, so I’ll let it slide just this once.

This is my first read by Sierra Hill, and since it’s a short, it’s tricky to form a real opinion about her writing style. I’ll need to check out her full-length novels first.


I'm a Swedish book nerd reading mostly steamy English romance novels. And since there is so much good stuff out there, and so much shitty stuff too. I just want to give credit where it's due (and diss the rest).


  • Sierra

    Thank you for the review and all the fun graphics – loved it! And I’m totally with you on the unprotected nookie…I normally always include it in my books…however, you’re right on the nose with this one. I skipped that part as a way to introduce the intensity of their connection and chemistry in this short and quick read.
    Hope you’ll read more of my books!
    All my best, Sierra